Art Book Series: Beatrix Potter

I talked about this gorgeous art book early in December last year.   I just LOVED reviewing this book and find it an absolutely wonderful book that tells us all about Beatrix Potter. 

This lovely book was filled with a mirade of information about Miss Potter, from childhood through to accomplished artist.   It followed her initial interest and her love of her country cottage, the progression of her "little books for little hands", and multiple of places her art took her.  

Five main chapters:
1. Becoming Beatrix Potter
2. London and the South Coast
3. Scotland
4. The Lake District
5. Wales and Beyond

I freely admit that I was captivated by her pictures of the mushrooms, just totally loved them!

Aren't they well done?

Equally well done is all the other art that you will find hidden within the pages of this 256 page book, each picture coming with a story of the inspiration behind it and more.   The engaging style of writing taught me so much about Miss Potter.

If you would like to know more of the story behind Beatrix Potter, her books and her wonderful art, this book will do it for you completely


  1. I always loved the illustrations in her books!

  2. Her illustrations are beautiful!

  3. She has such lovely artwork. I have all of her stories of Peter Rabbit and friends. While the stories have never really captivated me, her artwork does and that is why I keep that book. This one looks lovely! - Lori

    1. her art work is great, most of her stories I liked, but not all. :)

  4. I always thought her illustrations and animal stories were so charming!


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