Art Series: Bright Ideas Pencils

Imagine my delight when I received some pencil crayons in the mail.  :)  YES!!   What fun eh?   I get to indulge my colouring delight with some new indeed! 

The first time I used these pencils I was waiting for my son at karate.   I was joined by a young girl, asking if she could colour with me.   I told her sure, I'd be happy to have her help me with this review.  This led to a conversation about what a review was and how she was helping me.   She's a sweet young lass that I often talk with while we wait.

This little six year old girl said:
"I like these pencils, they make nice colours". 
"The colour is so pretty, I like how the brown ones look nice together."
"Do you like how I did this?"
"Can I keep helping you colour?"
"These pencils are nice, look mom, see my picture?"

Bright Ideas has put together a box of 10 metallic coloured pencils. They are a nice fit in the hand and colour nicely.  They work equally well for a six year old as they do for a more mature person.  :)

I found they went on the page smoothly and filled in the coloured area nicely.  They blend well.   I've done a couple of pages with them and haven't needed to sharpen them.
They come in a nice sturdy box which holds up well to children opening and shutting it repeatedly.  I found them to be softly metallic, with a slight sheen.They are a lovely addition to the other coloured pencils that I have and I am delighted to have them.  :)

Chronicle Books
Box size: 8.78 x 7.89

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books.


  1. Lovely how coloring brings folks together. I always find that pull of kids to coloring so fun. And the pencils are nice looking. I don't think I've ever seen metallic colored pencils. - Lori

  2. Metallic add an interesting element to the page. Some are bolder than others.


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