Connections and Gratitude, Edition Jan 25, 2017


Counting Pinecones: Finish Line.    Just liked this post.  Bite sized goals are attainable, even in homeschooling.

When you Don't have a math Plan.   This post stimulated my thinking with my boy for math.  Though we are starting a new math program soon...perhaps this will work for the lad well...

Amazing Grace.   Learning the difference between grace and goodwill. 

2 Tim 3:16-17. A reminder of what scripture is good for.

I homeschool so they can be bored.   Boredom is good for you, you know?


1. Subway restaurants... what can I say.   One night I was tired from not sleeping, headachy and not wanting to even think of putting food together, everything seemed far to hard to think about, had to drop a boy off at a youth event and Subway restaurants was right there ... making sandwiches...people were fed.  It was a GOOD thing.  :)

2. Washing machines capable of washing all my pants at one time (especially when one realizes that one has FORGOTTEN to do laundry in the busyness of other life).  SO YEAH!!!   All my pants clean.. I have something to wear tomorrow .. WOOT WOOT!  :)

3. A boy child.  Seriously...this lad makes laugh.   I HAVE to show you this:   And it really wasn't a sad sad thing... we had fun and laughed a lot

4.   Cuddle Blankets.
        When you have a fellow who isn't sleeping well so can't keep himself warm.. cuddle blankets are the very essence of blessing.

 5. Colour on dreary days
       Guess what bloomed!  My Amaryllis!!!!!
  Helpful Posts

WorldWideClassroom: Homeschooling Help booklet.  An easy to fill out booklet to help refine homeschooling goals and needs. 

Learning about the Skeletal System.   This post came in helpful today, thought maybe it might be helpful to others as well.

Want to join in?

  I would be delighted If you wanted to join in.   Any post on gratitude or thankfulness for the things in your life are welcome.   Must be family friendly and the point must be on showing gratitude for things in your life.  Not for reviews (even if you are grateful for them).  :)

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