HEY!!! Happy New Year. Reflections on 2016

Happy New Year dear readers...

Did you stay up late?  Bring in the New Year or did you find yourself exhausted and head to bed early?   Regardless of what you did... may this New Year be one of growth, enlightenment and the knowledge of God's goodness in your life  :)

At this time of year you tend to find a lot of "this is my word for the year" or "this is my verse for the year" posts.   I find those posts fascinating reading.   I really do, they give insight into the person behind the blog you know?   When I find some that I particularly enjoy I will link them up here.  :)

Some word posts: LifeCultivateGrowthSimplify. Restore. Crave.

So my top post of the year on this blog has been

My post on the poem "I think mice are rather nice!"   This poem brings back so many smiles.  

The series on my blog I've had the most fun with.   You can find this series here and here.   It is fun to find inspiration for doing art and then teaching classes using those books.  
I looked for how people found me (through my old site it was through my missionary posts and hymns primarily).   I find that information interesting as I don't get a lot of comments on those posts, it is so good to know they are being used.

On my current site people find me through it was a little harder to determine.  This site was dormant for a couple of years as I had consolidated much of what I did through my weebly site.  BUT when I look at why people visit, the field trips, studies on Ezekiel and hymn studies are getting some attention.   So I have hopes that what I post will prove of some use to people.  :)   Time will tell eh?

So what is new for this year?
I am trying to decide what book I want to work through a chapter at a time on the blog.
Books that I am considering:
Which book would you be most interested in me going through?   Perhaps we could even get a discussion going?  Or not.  :)
I am looking forward to a new year writing with the Homeschool Review Crew.   Some interesting reviews are coming up and I hope that I am eligible for them.    Looking also forward to seeing what Raincoast books sends my way.

Oh  before I forget, I hope (since the lad and I are going to take up a studying the history of Canada course) I want to put up a series on books about Canada.   Books the help us get to know her history, her people, her geography and what not.  I hope to find a variety of arts and crafts that will help us in our journey.   Hopefully once a week I can do up something interesting from our studies.   Won't that be fun?     It'll be a fair amount of behind the scenes work finding things to do.. but should be good.

Anyways, I'm linking this up at Kym's blog this week.  :)

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  1. I'm looking forward to what Raincoast Books sends you too! You always get such interesting books from them for your reviews. So happy you'll be on the Crew again!

    I've not heard of all of those titles, but I've heard of two of the authors. I think they might all be good choices. I'm going to be reading more books about prayer, and spending more time in prayer in 2017, and doing more Scripture Writing.

    1. I am really waffling on which book to do... are you going to be sharing what books you are reading on your blog Carol?

  2. I think, from those three books, that the Prayer one would be most interesting. But any of the three would be a good choice, I guess. I've really enjoyed your series on art books - so many cool things to try and to learn about art and artists! Thanks for linking up with Homeschool Highlights too! Praying that 2017 holds many blessings for you and your family!

    1. I'm glad you've enjoyed the art series Kym... it has been so much fun to do. :) I am hoping to make a decision on the three by the end of the week...no reason I can't do more than one I suppose (just so the next one when one is done...) (see more waffling)

  3. To me, both the Prayer and Gospel Principles books sound interesting. Hymns have always spoken to my soul. So, it makes sense that I have enjoyed your Hymn series. :) I pray that your new school year goes well, dear one!

    1. Kelly thank you. I love that you like my hymns. :) I think it's going to come down to a flip of a coin... I just can't truly decide. :)

  4. I plan to read the parenting one, if that helps at all. :) You get some wonderful books to take a look at and I always enjoy reading about them. I love your art series, too. - Lori

    1. YAY!!! My art series was just fun. I really need to get some more posts done for that. Can you believe I only have them written up til January 18TH!!! I Have some on the shelf I need to get moving on....


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