January Book Reads

January was a good month.  It was .   It had it tough moments with the church closing, but overall.. a good month.  I am finally, for the most part, healthy.   Hubby had a good night of sleep (though needs many more).  We finally have SNOW again!!!!!   Perhaps hubby will be able to get away for a couple of nights of camping yet!!!  :)

Anyways, we got some books read this month and I thought you might like to know about them.

Books that I read with my lad

World History Encyclopedia

This was a great book for us to read through.  One two-page spread per night, and we learned so much.  Tons of pictures, maps, artifacts and so much more. 

I love these 100 facts books.  This one was on World Wonders.  Again, we read a two page spread every night, and often paused to look things up that interested us.   It caused me to say "hey, I could do up a worksheet on that, or this would make a great ebook".  :)   But that will wait.

We read these three biographies and found them fascinating.  The smallest one was about Sojourner Truth... An interesting black lady with a strong will and mind.  Learned the importance of obedience, learned the importance of standing for what was right, a fervent fighter for freedom from slavery and women's rights.  She was a speaker who travelled far and wide

Sharing: the story of the Mayo Clinic.  
This was a read that told us how the Mayo Clinic started and gave a reason for why the Mayo Brothers shared so easily with others.

Facing a Challenge: the story of Terry Fox.
My son never understood who Terry Fox was or why he's so important, and now he does.  :)   Fighting cancer, fighting to be who he thought he was, fighting to help others...his story continues to this day.

I read a variety of books for reviews:

Current Reads:
War Plan Red (review)
Dog in the cave (review)
The Overlook (for fun)
The nature book (with the lad)
Snakes (with the lad)
Bronze bow (with the lad)
Tirza (with the lad)
Nieces book that I can't tell you anything about other than ... IT"S GOOD.
Rainforest Journey (with the lad)


  1. Love this. I keep intending to do something similar but never seem to get around to posting. Thanks for your sharing. - Lori

    1. It would be good to. See what you are reading too.


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