Mom, thank you for teaching me...

I've heard that expression a lot this week.  "Mom, thank you for teaching me."

When I re-taught him the continents and where "Canada" fell into that mix.
When I helped him understand that fractions were actually division statements.
When we looked into a microscope and saw what blood looked like and then saw the blood cells MOVE.
When we sat down together to edit chapter two of his story.

It's been a bit of an odd thing hearing this so frequently.  I'm guessing the lad missed learning things when I was so ill before Christmas and then having two weeks off over Christmas.

It's SO good to be feeling mostly back to normal again.   So very very good.

So what has our week looked like?


  • Most of his schooling he did before he got to grammas, why you ask?   Because my lad has taken up the cause of sewing lately and his gramma helps with cutting out pieces.   They sit and sew and chat together.  Little stuffies are born.  Veritas Press history and bible, math, human body, astronomy, all done.
  • He did his reading at Gramma's and played a game (chess I think though it might have been sorry).


  • Learning about Canada ... we started with where Canada was in the world.   On the 3rd largest continent, 4th most populous continent, two mountain ranges, a great plain etc.   All the basics.
  • We worked on difficult angles in triangles and learned a disconcerting fact, the lad is VERY determined that fractions aren't a division question or problem, they are just parts of numbers.  Still working that one through.  :) I'm going to guess though it's a terminology issue though as he does his fractions quite easily and he has a tendency to be very particular about words and how they are used.
  • We had a great deal of fun editing the second chapter of his book.   Complete with misspellings and horrid punctuation.  He knows better with the punctuation but is too lazy while he's writing to worry on it because "I can always edit it with you mom".     (me rolling eyes)


  • Foodbank day so no on-line materials done.   He's required to do his schoolwork and to help when asked.  Today he mostly did his schooling but also helped with putting away potatoes, onions and tossing mis-given food (food that should have tossed but went to foodbank instead)
  • Math... today fractions into mixed numbers, percentages and decimals.   I was mixed up with my percentages today (head not into math) so we had an animated discussion about how if I was teaching in a school I would deserve a stern talking to.  :)
  • at home we did our astronomy because "Mom, I know you like to learn this too but if I read it out-loud to you it takes too long!!"
  • Our breakfast book "Tirzah" we read at lunch time since breakfast didn't happen at home today.  We scavenged at the foodbank.  :)
  • Excitement prevailed when ... Mom scratched open a scab and we looked at blood under the microscope.  BOY fun times!!   Dad even got in on the action.   We managed to even get it hooked up to the computer which was cool.


  •  Astronomy was a source of fascination today.  We have picked up our study in Apologia's Astronomy course again.  Today we were learning about real-life comets.   This video fascinated and elicited an "OH WOW" from the lad.   We spent longer with the wow factor that we didn't move on as far as I had planned
  • We started an art project based on the Canadian Rockies.   The project we wanted to do didn't pan out much to my lad's delight, so he did what he really wanted to do.. a mountain that will be coloured using pencil shading.   He's gotten the outline done, we'll work on it more tomorrow, and I started an experiment in using tissue paper to create an abstract mountain art. 
  • He worked on the grammar part of chapter one of his book.. ACED it.  :)   It was like a test to see if he could see what changes we made and why we made them.   When it came to making one of his sentences run more smoothly we had a good discussion about what sounded better and why.
  • Math was a lesson I pulled up from Khan academy but I couldn't find any practice tests to go with it so kinda just said "That'll do" (he didn't complain one iota!)   We are looking at a different free math program called MEP Math.   A quick look has me thinking it makes more sense... easier to figure than Khan anyways.  Anyone familiar with it that can give me some ins and outs?
  • Here's the start to my abstract art project.   It's going to be few layers thick I think.. I want to do a silhouette on it, add some sticky out flowers and a boat to it as's a way for my boy to see different art in action without worry that something he will do will be a bomb (and ergo wasted time in his opinion and therefore a hard nut to crack at times).    Be mindful of this.... it is still a work in progress FAR from done.


    •  I LOVE our Fridays.   So relaxed yet busy.  
    • Today we enjoyed the cats being silly with the birds at the feeder.   You should have seen his tail switching and twitching and the jumping at the windows.
    • we made a DaVinci clock and worked more on our art projects.

    • we also fed the snake whose been out wandering today.  She eats MUCH less in the winter than she does the rest of the year so we only feed her when she's out and about wandering.   She doesn't eat as much at one time either.  

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    1. OK I know this sounds SO gross but as a boy mom I have to say that not only did my boys enjoy looking at blood under the microscope but ear wax and tooth plaque too.

      1. mentioned that to my lad and he was um...NO MOM.. Then came up with "let's look at toenails and cat hair and wood and an ant".

    2. I love reading your updates! Your lad sounds like such a gracious young man. The stuffie is cute!

      1. Thank you. He's doing a great job with them. He's a fine young fellow, I am so pleased with him.

    3. Great week! Love the projects from Fridays, as well as his little stuffies that he is imagining and creating. - Lori

      1. Our Fridays are the best and his stuffies... he is so enjoying himself. It's good to see. :)

    4. I love how you take your son with you to the foodbank, good job! Thank you so much for sharing at #familyfriday. Please come back next week.

      1. We like going to the foodbank. :)

      2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Looks like a great week! Thanks for sharing:)

    6. It was a good week, this week was too. :)


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