Question of the Day: How Do They Make Pudding Cups?

The lad and I have the joy of talking about all kinds of different things, not that long ago this questions came up:  just how do they make pudding cups?

I found this video to explain that process (even if it is with tapioca pudding which my lad would rather not have).  :)

This of course led me to wonder.... can one do this at home?

So I found this recipe Homemade Chocolate Pudding Snack Packs.   Look good don't they?   Oh oh.. and here's another one that I want to try (looks easier with less chance to muck it up). 

Anyways, there we go with a quick answer to "how do they make pudding cups".


  1. I enjoy making pudding at home. Tastes so much better than the bought stuff or the mixes you can purchase. Hope you have some good experience when you try it. - Lori

    1. do you make it completely from Scratch Lori? Have any good recipes to share with me?


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