Recipe: Whole Wheat Rolls and Buns.

This recipe was more complicated to make than I care to admit... Not sure why I found it so, but I did.

Anyways, here we go.

So I made two different sizes though only included the pics of the small ones.  It made a lot of dough (if turning into bread would have made probably three loaves).

Anyways so I made soft ones by cramming a bunch of little balls close together.

Then what was supposed to be harder rolls by making bigger ones that weren't touching.  I admittedly could not really tell the difference except the size. 

How to make them?

What did I find a challenge?
 Scalding the milk, then mixing the milk with the oil without creating a mess, and the rising of the dough seemed to take forever despite a warm house.

I also didn't use as much flour as the recipe called for so that made me feel a bit leery.

Anyways, the buns were made for our Christmas meal, hopefully people like them (though by the time this recipe posts they will have been eaten).  :)


  1. So, did they like them?

    I always am a little concerned when my creation of the recipe doesn't work like it is written. Hope they were good. - Lori

    1. the folks ate them at the church meal (many gone) but the boys aren't eating them at home. They've eaten the scones I made instead. Mouse food the rest of them.


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