STEM: PopCan Robot

Fridays are our do it differently days, learning happens we just have fun doing everything differently.   One of the things we do is do some sort of STEM activity.

We had SO MUCH FUN putting this fellow together.  OH MY OH MY.

To make this fellow you need the 4M kit and one popcan...that's it.

Add to that some laughs.
Lots of questions.
and a wish for a coverup for a can.

On to the joy and wonder of making a tin can robot.

One of the things I like about 4M kits is they are very clear about what the kit does and does not contain.   In this case we need to supply two batteries and one popcan.

The box is a nice size to store on a shelf, recyclable, and easy to open. .. HEY>> it's good to know that stuff.. I've gotten kits before that opening them is a pain in the ... well you know... but easy to open bags with all parts conveniently grouped.

The back of the box clearly indicates the parts contained which is a great help to know if it's age appropriate or not.

OH.. I almost forgot... we did need to supply our own screwdriver.

 As you can see the instructions are clearly labeled, with colour markers to help with placement and understanding.   The lad found it very easy to understand and rarely needed my assistance.    It's great to see his confidence building more all the time.

 This fellow currently resides in my son's room and makes regular circuits up and down the floor during our night time reading.

You gotta admit, he is rather cute don't you think?   :)

As you can see.. he works!  We learned he works on smooth floors best, with couches working as well... but the carpet... never got him to like that.  We do wonder, what if we put traction on the wheels.. would that work better but we haven't test that theorem out yet.

And the cat is well....unimpressed.

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  1. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing

  2. Replies
    1. thank you it was a lot of fun, and good conversation too. :)

  3. Miss E did one of these a year or so ago and thought it was fun. It wasn't terribly effective but the process of building it was a good one. The lad's looks like it is doing pretty well. - Lori

    1. Ack!! The cat video disappeared!! Need to add that in again. So yours didn't work well? The lad Likes it as us but is refining it.


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