STEM: Tinker Crate - Spy Case


Kiwi crates sent us a Spy Case to put together. Boy oh boy did it teach us a lot!    Just so you know, affliate links are used in this post, which help us get more crates, and doesn't hurt your bottom line at all.  :)

First off .. .they didn't stint with the spy paper they gave us.   The lad was mightily impressed.

They had us make a periscope, work with invisible ink, and more.  It was a fun kit to make and provided the lad with a reason to be sneaky! 

One of the things I love about kiwi and tinker crates is how they write the directions so clearly.  Unless you are deliberately not paying attention you really can't mess it up.
 My son is becoming proficient enough with these crates that he can generally do them on his own now.  Reading through, making sure he's laid out all the parts needed ahead of time, and then putting it together.  See?  All put together by one lad.  Mind...he initially put it together backwards, but quickly realized the error of his ways.   I have to admit, even though he can do it on his own, I love to sit with him talking about all the discoveries we are making.

 We were also able to see the affect of blue/red lines. How if you are careful you can hide words in them.   We even were able to write some of our own messages.  Can you see it?
My lad was delighted the invisible ink and the blue light, and immediately correlated it using lemon juice and a heat source.   Good to make those connections and see a lad's brain at work.

Kiwi crates, making STEM materials around a theme, letting a child explore and create and cement the learning.   Coming once a month to delight, entertain and teach.
You can get your own Kiwi Crates eh?   A monthly subscription or just try a single crate. You can learn more about them here.

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  1. This kit looks like a ton of fun! Who wouldn't be fascinated by spy glasses, right?!

    1. he has so much fun with these kits Kym, it's delightful to watch.


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