Book Series: The Prayer Saturated Family, Becoming Prayer Saturated

The Prayer Saturated Family was written by Cheryl Sacks, it's a 12 chapter book.   Every three weeks or so I plan to do another chapter in it.  :) 

This first chapter is called Becoming Prayer Saturated.

The central theme is this: Praying together as a family is one of the best investments you will ever make.   She gives four reasons why this is so:

1. Praying together strengthens and heals.
2. Praying together impacts future generations.
3. Praying together ignites nationwide revival.
4. Praying together shapes young lives.

So I piecing together what I think about some of these thoughts.

I am fully on board with point 1, 2 and 4.  I can easily see the truth of these statements.   I query number 3.   If the point is to have a prayer saturated family I don't understand how that will lead to nationwide revival.  How can one family praying spark a nationwide revival?   I know that families praying together can change neighbourhoods.  I know this. I read about it. I have seen how the prayer of one family for another makes a the lives of both families.  I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of one family prayers being able to influence the trend of a nation.

So perhaps that means that my mind is too small to conceive the idea... or that my belief in God is too small... or perhaps that I don't really see the strength of prayer... or that it just isn't possible.

But yet I know that with God all things are possible ... if one has the faith and if it be the Lord's will.
So who I am to say that the faithful prayer of one family isn't just what God is requiring in order to start a revival in our land?

Thinking that makes me see just how small I sometimes make God.
How small and unimportant I make talking with him.
When prayer, it can change the world.

Not Good.

Prayer isn't small.
And the God we talk to...he isn't small either.
He changes the world.
Query is this: Am I prepared to help him?  To do my part?  Despite my lack of seeing the big picture?  Can I believe that my prayers can help to change the world?

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