Oddly Run Week

This week has felt very odd to me.  Nothing seemed  to go the way I wanted it to all because we did things differently this week due my body not being happy with me.  

I've felt frustrated too often this week.
BUT TODAY.. ah..glorious sunshine and .. it was JUST GOOD.  :)   And that is indeed a marvellous thing.  :)

I KNOW I KNOW.. you are expecting me to say.. off to gramma's today only... we didn't.  That nasty bug that ran through my system over the past couple of weeks.... decided that it was Going to FIGHT ME HARD on leaving my system once and for all.. so we didn't go to London.  Thoughts were.. we'd go on Tuesday.
The lad worked hard on his schooling, getting done by 130.  We played Settlers of Catan with me wrapped up in a cuddle blanket.... I still managed to win though.  :)

Finished up a human body experiment.   Turned out way better than I thought it would...but in honesty was rather gross to deal with.  The lad wouldn't touch it so I helped him out.

The bathroom remained my friend today.  No trip to London.
The lad was learning about exponents today in Math.   Doing well but occasionally getting confused.
Played Settlers of Catan again.  Hubby won today.
I took pictures of almost all the for sale stuff today and will be busy putting them up on the for sale site for London homeschoolers.

BUSY BUSY BUSY at the foodbank with a cup of hot chocolate at a friends afterwards.  The lad played with her cat, taught it to do a high five. 
Surprised the lad when we got home and said "you're done for the day".  Thing is...he worked hard at the foodbank, was good spirited and helpful.  That's worth something in my book.   He whooped and promptly gathered up some boxes and made a cat playhouse.   (little did he know that he was still learning!).   :)

We played Saboteur today.   Lad had karate.

This morning we managed to do some schooling.
Since we didn't go to London on Monday, we decided to head off there today.   We had fun pokemon going in Victoria Park... what fun we caught some new pokemon.  

I dropped a bunny and some books off in London for sale.   It is SO Good to sell some of our old schooling books and some review books.  SUCH a good thing.  Helps our pocketbook too you know?  :)

We headed home in time for supper and for the lad to go to Cadets.


We had plans to make a cloud, but that ended up not happening.  The lad has been totally into doing his research on the CN Tower.  We've been learning so much about this Canadian Icon.   You can find his report here

We also worked on one of our STEM projects...today the lad had a satisfaction... a robotic hand that worked!

I rushed around this morning putting together another book order for a lady to pick up.   Then we headed out for the Health Fair in Lucan.  WOOT WOOT the lady who makes the skin cream my lad uses for his occasional eczema was there so we were able to buy a big tub of it.    We had thought we'd need to go to London to sell some books but some young children needed a nap so that didn't happen.  Perhaps Monday.  :)

 Same Kind of Different as Me for Kids.  Junior version of adult adult.
The Painting-In Book. Cute art book for children.
Undefeated. Loved this book.

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  1. I'm sorry you've not been feeling well. I've been under the weather two weeks now and still aren't 100%. Sounds like a great homeschool week though. Blessings!

    1. I'm guessing you have the same bug everyone is getting. Get well soon eh!

  2. Just found your blog and all those mentions of London make me homesick. It's where we lived 20 something years ago and where my two oldest were born. Many happy memories.

    1. Sorry to make you homesick, but glad of the happy memories.

  3. Seems like so many have been battling illnesses recently. 'Tis the season, I suppose. Glad you are on the mend, and that it was a good school week despite starting out with the sickies. Thanks for sharing on Homeschool Highlights!

    1. Thanks Kym, good to be healthy again

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. We are fighting it here too. That time of year I guess. Thanks so much for linking up at #familyfriday we appreciate it! We hope you come back next week.

    1. oh I am feeling fine now. This week is going much better. I'll have to see what I can do this week as this weekend is a busy one. :)


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