Recipe: Chicken Heart Casserole

I'm calling this a casserole though it isn't really....

This is something I make frequently and I change it all time time.  Most of the time I take some rice, seasonings, and chicken bouillon and toss it in a casserole dish in the oven.  I am the ONLY one who eats it in this house and I make it when I feel stressy in my head.

Today I reworked it a bit to see if it would appeal to others in the house, and it was a bit hit and miss. 

Take your crock pot.
Add 900 ml of chicken bouillon.
Add some brown rice (2 cups) and some leftover soup mix (with lentils, brown rice etc in it).

Add a small flat package of chicken hearts (about a pound or so).

Put in some seasonings
  • Costco no salt seasoning
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 2 bay leaves
  • garlic powder
Cover and set on low, making a point of stirring it off and on throughout the day.

It's done in about 7 hours.
Pop the lid off.   At this point it is done if you want it to be.  :)

I decided to play around with it a bit though.
I heated up some cream soup in a large fry pan I have.  Then put the chicken/rice mix into the soup (removing the bay leaves).   Added a whack of fine grated cheddar cheese and some more salt and pepper.   Mixed it all together and heat through.

My son's opinion: I like it better this way mom.  :)

So.. WOOT WOOT.. success.  :)

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