Review: Conspiracy of Silence

Rarely do I list a review for a book that I don't recommend people get.  BUT I said I would write a review for this company, ergo I shall.

Conspiracy of Silence is the first book in The Tox Files.

Tox is a military man, who fights the battles no one else really wants to take on.   A top-notch battle hardened man.

The book started off with a bible story that had accurate details but then added a twist of added darkness.... that just left me with a really bad feeling of run away don't touch this book.

I persisted through the first two chapters... way more violence than what I would prefer.  Stopped and put it away for a good while.. then thought let's see what the end of the book is like.

The darkness rolling off the bad guys was palpable.  The violence steady.  And then a twist of darkness happened and I dropped the book and said "DONE" this book is simply a no go.  

I hate doing this.
I dislike finding books that I can't find a compelling reason to read.

So I'm searching my mind for people who might like this type of book.
1. The book has a lot of suspense,  I tend to like suspense, but the darkness in this one stopped me.
2. Those who like reading action based Military reads.
3. Those who don't mind a lot of violence in their books
4. Those who don't mind palpable evil being portrayed in their reading.  It's a good writing to be able to give off that sense, but was just WAY too much for me.

So if you are that kind of person, but this book would work for you.  If not.  Steer clear.


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