Review: Same Kind of Different As Me for kids

This lovely book is based on the book "Same Kind of different as Me".  It is based on a true life story of Denver Moore and Ron Hall.

I have to admit... it's a intriguing story.

A lady with a vision of a fellow in her mind.  A man who she said would be wise.

Denver Moore, a hardened street man, criminal, living a life that is tough.  And suddenly Miss Debbie spots him and knows that he is the man she's been waiting for.

It took him, but eventually Denver Moore became friends with Debbie and her husband Ron.  This led them onto a road of change.  Keeping alive the cause of homelessness in cities across America.

My thoughts:
This is a gentle book.  Giving the history of a man who as a child wanted more and as an adult failed to get it and found himself beaten down by his life choices.  Then something happened.... LOVE stepped in.

Love changes things in dramatic ways at times.  This time it took a street man and changed his life into a helper of other street people.   From a man who only could look to his own interests, to one who saw to the needs of others just like him.  
 Should you get this book?

Yes.  It's an easy way to show children what God can do if we direct our love at his people.  How he can effectuate change through our obedience.   And just to promote the fact that we aren't called to change the world, we are called to influence the people in our world.

Same Kind of Different as me for Kids
by Ron Hall and Denver Moore
32 pages
Published by Thomas Nelson
Age Range: Elementary
Non-fiction Same Kind of Different As Me for Kids Same Kind of Different As Me for Kids


  1. Interesting. Not sure I would necessarily enjoy the book but I absolutely adore the quotes that you gave from it. - Lori

    1. I can't say it was a great book, but it wasn't bad.


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