Review: Silver Soldiers

About this series: With the release of this collector's item, limited edition of God's Silver Soldiers/The Deluxe Comicbook just in time for the San Diego 2016 Comic-Con, a 20-year dream mission has come true. God's Silver Soldiers (Nordskog Publishing, Inc. November 2016), the first edition in the new superhero series, is now available with issue two and three following close behind.

Now Art has formed Truthmonger Comics, a creative entity whose mission is to bring the much-needed messages of morality and spirituality to today's youth through the medium of comicbooks.  Joining creator/editor/writer Art Greenhaw for this new line of Truthmonger Comics and its flagship title, God's Silver Soldiers, are superstar comicbook artist Ben Dunn, writer Rebecca Dunn, and graphic designer Josh Knight.    Truthmonger Comics is additionally inspired by Art's friend of many years and biggest literary influence, Stan Lee.

My thoughts:
I honestly am not sure how to review this comic book.   I disliked the start of the comic book, like REALLY disliked.. enough so that I didn't want to read through the comic, but since I promised to do so I persevered.   The initial premise is "God" pulling people who are actively living a life of sin with no thought toward God into a life as Soldiers in his service.   Now granted ALL of us are lost in our sin, but we don't go from actively living a life of sin, to suddenly being soldiers.  So it was hard to let go of that...

BUT redemption...happened later on... 

The called soldiers learn to fight temptation by remembering the path that God put them on.
Each had a battle to fight .... and then we are left hanging waiting for the next book in the series.

NOW the second half of the comic book I liked better, though I had to take imagination into consideration.  :) The scene is Jesus in Jerusalem as a boy child.   After all we are not told all the Jesus spoke about with the teachers in the temple.  All we know is that he answered all their questions with wisdom and surprised them with his knowledge... So I am not sure that I agree with the authors take on it in "The Tales of Nazareth" but it did perk my interest as to what they will do with the rest of the series.

Should you get it?  
Honestly I don't know.  Not my style of literature, the lad was uninterested, and hubby couldn't be bothered.  :)   BUT the message overall not bad, so if you like comic books and you are wanting something more uplifting, this just might be your ticket.  :)
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Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: Nordskog Publishing; 1 edition (November 3, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1888092300
ISBN-13: 978-1888092301

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