Sunday Sermon: God's emerging future: becoming the church for others

This sermon is the the Christian Reformed Church.  Still learning this ministers style so note taking is still a work in progress with him.

Here I am to worship
Jesus be the Centre
Have thine own way Lord
Spirit of the living God
Jesus, all for Jesus

Nehemiah 5

Sermon Notes:

As a church we need to keep moving towards God's emergent future.
But what seems like the future (default) seems to be the way to go.
So there is conflict between the two.

In chapter 5 you can see this conflict, the selfishness of the people pushing towards their default future rather than God's emergent future

The Israelites had broken down into a bunch of selfish folks...looking out to their own interests.

. A famine and people weren't sharing with each other
. Government was over taxing them
. An influx of workers is straining their resources
. They were charging interest to each other

This selfishness brought the community to a standstill.

They sought their own needs, not the needs of the people.

How does this passage apply to us today?
. How are we sharing our finances with the church?
. How are we using our money for God?
. Are we remembering who we are the church for?


Nehemiah was angry.  He didn't react immediately.  He stopped and thought.
He told them to stop what they were doing.  Stop being self-centered.

Go back to being what they were, make it right, correct the situation.  Restore the healthy community.

Make an oath.  Promise this solemnly.  Be accountable.

The people said be it.  They praised God.

The Israelites, called to be a holy nation, walking in the fear of the Lord.

This church is to be a testament of God to the people around us.
What is more important to us?   This testimony or our own needs.

Be challenged
Be encouraging
Be generous

Do this all on account of Jesus.

Be part of a missional church.

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