ACK!! Mom adjustment time!!

The other day my lad was complaining about his nose hurting, dad looked over and said "oh, pimple!"

And my heart just dropped.

TOTALLY unexpected.  My goal is to raise a God-fearing young man, who knows how to work and have fun, who WANTS to leave home and make his own way in the world.

BUT ACK!!!   A pimple...just totally threw me off and made me want my little boy again.     The boys laughed at me they did.   Mockery is a good way to ground a person again isn't it?  :)

Anywho.. moving on to our week.

Monday was a lazy day.  Honestly.  I was still on "I was away all weekend doing nothing and want that to continue" mode.   The lad did his basics and then we left for London.  He camped out at gramma's for the afternoon while Jim and I schleped about town.

I had a whack of books for sale in the trunk and met their new owners later in the afternoon.  I simply LOVE selling books and stuff.  Meeting new people and doing small talk... It's a wonderful thing.  (yes, I know.. I'm weird).

Tuesday we headed off to the Science Centre in Toronto.  We took in the new exhibit and an IMAX movie called "think big".  We wandered a bit more of the museum but then hunger struck.  We had a bit of a shorter day in the end, but it was still a good day.

Wednesday was the Food Bank and schooling, Thursday and Friday schooling again.   Friday I made a bunch of Tuna Recipes (you'll see them later on the blog). The lad has been sewing a new pokemon figure and on Thursday asked me to show him how to use the sewing machine.   So today he's been sewing up a storm and having a hoot!    It is wonderful to see that passion and excitement.

Tomorrow hubby is off to a Denominational Meeting.  He's supposed to be there for 8 a.m. but he's considering going late.  After all.... without having a pastorate it's not like they can get mad at him or anything?   Give him a chance to get a touch more sleep eh?  Some freedom eh?

The lad is really really interested in what people think of his latest research project.  He'd be delighted if folks would comment on it.  The Lad's Research: First Native Hunting Methods.

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  1. Oh dear - the first pimple. That was kind of a traumatic thing each time here too. So cool that he is learning to sew! Very brave. Thanks for linking up - hope you have another great week!

    1. I'm delighted with is sewing and so good to know I not the only mom to go ACK! :)


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