Art Series: 642 Things about Me.

You know how art is about more than drawing, painting, cutting, gluing and making.  How art is also about words and how to use them beautifully?   Here is a book to encourage beauty in both of those formats for your young artists and writers.    642 things about me.

Chronicle Books has come out with another 642 things book!    This one is geared for the 8-12 year old writer and artist.    
As you can see there is plenty of space to write and to draw, sometimes to do both for the same topic.

Some of the things you might be asked to write about are:
  • something you collect
  • a cheer you could chant
  • describe what thunder sounds like
  • the music at the dentist office
Things to write and draw
  • an historical figure image, quote, question to ask
  • an artist that inspires, art work, a project you could do
Things you can draw:
  • treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean
  • colossal bike ramp
  • flag of your country
  • a valentine 
  • a merit badge for bravery
So many things to write, to draw.
So many things to see and to listen for.  Thoughts to consider, quotes that inspire.

Get this book into the hands of your young artist and watch them get busy being inspired to learn, draw, grow, and develop.  A good thing yes?

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If looking for the complete series of the 642 books visit Chronicle books.

642 Things About Me: Young Writer's & Artist's Edition
Chronicle Books
7.5 x 8.95 

304 pages
Ages 8-12

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books.



  1. Looks interesting and similar to another type of book that we have used. That combo of drawing and words is a good one. - Lori

    1. It's an interesting type of book for sure...


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