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 Most of the colouring books I do on this blog are for adults, but today I have a book geared at the younger set.... particularly those youngsters who like Darth Vadar and the different characters from Star Wars.   Jeffrey Brown has put together a colouring book called Darth Vadar and Family.

Do you like Star Wars?   Are you children lovers of this long-running series?   I have to admit, I like watching the movies though I am not a die-hard fanatic.  :)

Both my son and husband have a firm fondness for this series and frequently rewatch the movies.   I am just delighted they have a movie interest to share in common.

 In this colouring book, Jeffrey Brown combines normal family life with the characters and life of the Star Wars movies.
What do you think?    Would it be fun to go sledding with Star Wars Characters, or share a hot cocoa with Darth Vadar himself?
  Or go engage in a spot of friendly fishing...who knows who will catch the biggest long as they don't use the light saber on the poor fish. 

Each page is one sided, which prevents bleed through, and if carefully done, would tear out to make for great refrigerator art.  (if the pages were perforated it would make tear out easier).

I appreciate that this book has simpler drawings that children can colour in, they can imagine (and laugh about) the idea of Darth Vadar playing the role of dad.  Or Chewbacca being one of the kids or heading up into a tree fort with one the Ewoks.

It's a fun, fanciful approach to using Star Wars Characters.   It will appeal to some or ... if they are like my lad .. "BUT MOM!!!   Chewbacca would never do anything with Darth Vadar!!!!!"   So depending on what your child(ren) are like, this may or may not be the colouring book for you. 

One of the small gems of this book is on the inside front cover when Mr. Brown gives the reader a "Darth Vadar drawing lesson".  

 Darth Vadar and Family, a coloring book.
Author/cartoonist: Jeffrey Brown
Pages: 96
Age range - 5 and up

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