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Since Hubby isn't working right now I am emboldened to ask my hubby if he can help out with specific things in the schooling of our son. You see, before his work took a lot out of him, kept him really busy and he helped when he could, but asking him to actively do something so that I wouldn't have to try to squeeze it in, just wasn't something I could do.   But right now, while he's between jobs, he does have the time AND the energy.   

So with some of that energy: Research

One of the fun things that we thoroughly enjoyed doing last year was studying one country every two to three weeks.   The lad's schedule is a bit busier this year so that study has fallen to the wayside.  The lad and I were talking the other day about how we miss that study and wondering how we can fit it in again.  We had a brain spark... could Dad help?

And so Dad helps.  :)   He has the list of the countries we finished, so in a couple of weeks we'll be eating a meal and learning the culture of another country and hopefully inviting someone to join in with us. (as that was always part of the fun having friends come and help us make it and learn with us). 

So with some of that energy: Guidance

Dad is also becoming more actively involved in "Can you help me with this math problem?" and in intervening when the lad wants to call it quits early or doesn't want to do anything.

So with some of that energy: Field Trip Support

Today he was an active participant at field trip to Boston Pizza today... with no push to hurry back so he could get to work again, no computer or writing tablet or needing to stop in to say hi to anyone along the way.  

I have to's a change I'm needing to adjust to.. but it's a GREAT change that I am learning to relish as long as it lasts.  :)

What does Dad do in your homeschool that you simply relish?

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  1. It is wonderful for your lad to get that unhurried one on one time with his dad! I noticed how much my son (and daughter as well) craves and cherishes time spent learning with 'Daddy' and how he uses that time to model his behaviors on his dad. This was a great post!

    1. thank you. :) It's been an adjustment having him home, but its proving to be a good thing.

  2. What a wonderful addition this unforeseen change had been in these regards. Dads add so much to the family and to the homeschool. Their influences just cannot be replicated or replaced.


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