Draw & Discover by Yasmeen Ismail

 I have a DELIGHTFUL series of books for you to learn about today.  Draw and Discover books by Yasmeen Ismail.   Each book has it's own theme from emotions, directions, or even perspective. 

I have got to walk you through these books that are geared for the younger crowd

One of the aspects of these books that I like is they use simple drawings and text to allow children the freedom to explore the meaning of a word using whatever they want to draw to do so. :)   Great paper... a thicker quality that will resist leaking through, ripping, and multiple pencil erasures.

The pages leave plenty of room for drawing and colouring. 

There is so much room given for children to express their creative side while learning new words.     Why not use art to help teach?

Each book is 56-64 pages long with a two page spread to help explore a single emotion (excited, sad, proud etc), or opposite words (up/down, push/pull etc). 

If you have a singleton child it is definitely a use it up as you go book, or if you have multiple children, you could use it as a springboard to developing your own pages.

Each book has a hard fly (front and back)that could be used as a book mark or a "put behind the page" sheet to prevent leaking of paint or markers to the next page.
That fly contains all the words used within the book as well, making it a good "let's look ahead page" or a "let's review what we've learned page". 

The three books are called:
Happy, Sad, Feeling GladCat and Dog lead the way of exploration.
Inside, Outside, Upside Down.  Bear, Rabbit and Duck are the guides.
Push, Pull, Empty, Full  Rabbit, Duck and Bear show the way.

All published by Laurence King.   Geared for ages 4-7 years old.  56-64 pages long.  
Everything in these books is designed to get children thinking, doodling, drawing, colouring and learning.   An innovative series by a remarkable children's author: Yasmeen Ismail.

This review is part of an Art series is part of an on-going series of Art books reviewed for your pleasure and resource.    You can find more books here and here


  1. These books look like so much fun! I added them to my wishlist.

  2. what fun books! I could see older kids having a good time with them too.

    1. They are fun kym, my 11 year looked through them too.


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