Five Advantages in Learning to Cook

What can I say.. I'm finding it rather nice to see my lad working in the kitchen.

I'm kinda bad though...he's cooked with me off and on throughout the years and about a month ago I just said "you're cooking one night a week".  Just kinda threw him into it.

He's missed a week when we've been away.  But he's taken to it like a duck to water.  Making poutine, hamburgers, Spaghetti and meatballs with dad, along with pulled pork and mashed potatoes.(again with Dad).

Realizing all his skills are coming into play.

1. Practical use of Education
  •  Reading...he has to follow directions.  Sometimes reading and re-reading the directions for making something,  (like tonight with the ribs).
  • Math.. figuring out the 1.4 litres was 1400 ml, and having Dad show us how to do that on the scale. 
  • Geography works for some meals (like learning poutine was originally French Canadian.
  •'s cooking!   The interplay of ingredients that make pudding!  Who would think it!!!  :)  Sauces to keep meat moist.  Flour, sugar, oil and more makes cake.

2. Learning how to run appliances 
 ... like the electric mixer, the hot oven, a microwave, and toaster oven. Learning what different implements are called like a baster, a siphon, a salad spinner etc. He's developing important skills AND the confidence to use them without hands on support. 

3. Learning how to ask for SPECIFIC help.  Not just "help me now mom!" But rather "Mom, I need help getting these ribs out of the oven cause they keep sliding on me and I think they will fall off".   And "Dad, how do you cook hamburgers?   What do I push to start the bbq?"

4. Coming up with ideas on what makes for a good meal.
    Tonight he added chocolate mousse to the menu.   He originally only wanted to  have poutine but I asked "Do I cook only for myself lad?  What do I do if I know that someone doesn't like what I am making?"  After a quick I don't know he thought and said "you make something that I like too". Therefore he needed to ask questions about what I might like with the poutine.   He came up with ribs and chocolate mousse.

5. Skills for the future.
Like every parent, my goal is that my son will be able to take care of himself as an adult.  To know how to cook is a big part of that.  It will be good for him to know how to make more the pizza or sandwiches (though one can live on that).   If he learns how following instructions gets him a good product in the end....isn't that worth something?

Here's just one more.
Just maybe I am working myself out of a job!   :)

What advantages do you see in children knowing how to cook.


  1. Great idea getting your son to cook. I'm gradually helping my kids learn to cook and bake too and I think it's a great life skill for them to have. It helps them feel like they are contributing to the family as well. I like that you helped him think about what to make when one person isn't a fan of the meal you're making.

    1. It's good for folks to think beyond themselves even with cooking dinner. :)

  2. I love it when my girls join me in cooking or choose to do the meal prep. Also good to have them cleaning it up. :) What a joy to see your lad growing in this way. - Lori

    1. Isn't it great, he's slowly getting better with the clean up part.


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