HomeMade Tortillas!

So guess what I made tonight!!!   I know, I know, you probably guessed it from the post title eh!  :)       Homemade tortillas.      I'm telling you how much I like tortillas and have wanted to find a way to make them cheaper than buying them.  Hubby found this recipe for me...it is so easy and so yummy.  :)


So here's the recipe, it's super simple.  Original recipe here.

Mix together Two cups flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 3/4 cup water and 3 tbsps of oil. 

Knead that mixture for a good 8 minutes, adding flour or water as needed to make a smooth elastic dough.
Let it rest for 10 minutes. 

Divide into 8 sections, roll each section out as thin as possible, a minimum 7 inch circle.

Cook over a medium burner on a non stick pan with cooking spray.   1 minute each side (you want them LIGHTLY browned).

Keep them warm.  Makes 8 servings.

Easy to make, tastes yummy too!  :)

Tonight we used them wrapped around shredded beef with corn niblets.   MMMMM.. ...  :)
I can totally see cutting them into pieces and using them with a dip, or with mmmm.. melted cheese. :)

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  1. You read my mind! I had my hub make me a dowel-rolling pin and I was just setting down to look for a tortilla recipe when I saw your post. The pictures look yummy - I will try your recipe tonight! Thank you.

    1. did you make them? Did you like them??

  2. Aren't homemade tortillas the BEST?! They kick the butts of store bought tortillas. Unfortunately, I succumb to convenience more than deliciousness most days.

    I love your new (?) header, too. It's so pretty :)

    1. thank you... i like it too! Got it cheap off Etsy. :) And yes I liked it, I'll have to try them to see if they are good cold too.

  3. How were they the next day? If you sub out some or all of the water for hot milk, it might help them be softer if you like them. I like the taste of them made with hot milk better than with water. They look good!

    1. Made them just before we went away and the lad didnt have them. One was still soft when to returned. Tasted good.


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