Hymn Study: Praise the Lord His Glories Show

Praise the Lord His Glories Show

Read these Lyrics eh?   It's a lovely song.

Praise the Lord, God’s glories show, Alleluia!
Saints within God’s courts below, Alleluia!
Angels round the throne above, Alleluia!
All that see and share God’s love, Alleluia!

Earth to Heaven and Heaven to earth, Alleluia!
Tell the wonders, sing God’s worth, Alleluia!
Age to age and shore to shore, Alleluia!
Praise God, praise forevermore! Alleluia!

Praise the Lord, great mercies trace, Alleluia!
Praise His providence and grace, Alleluia!
All that God for us has done, Alleluia!
All God sends us through the Son. Alleluia!

Strings and voices, hands and hearts, Alleluia!
In the concert bear your parts, Alleluia!
All that breathe, your Lord adore, Alleluia!
Praise Him, praise Him evermore!

All this praise shown to our Lord God.  Creator, One who shows mercy, his providence, his grace, all these reasons to praise the Lord.   By his creation, his people, with their hearts, their hands, their voices.   PRAISE the Lord eh?

Written by Henry F. Lyte back in 1834.

Henry Francis Lyte was in 1793 in Scotland but was orphaned at an early age.  A poet who served as a pastor in Devonshire, England.  He died in France in 1847.  Before passing away he authored two books of poetry and hymns.  Po­ems Chief­ly Re­li­gious, 1833 & 1845 and The Spir­it of the Psalms, 1834  (Source cyber hymnal)

While pastoring a church, Mr. Lyte didn't have a true calling of the Lord, not really understanding the faith.  A dying priest's comments got him studying the bible, and a true conversion happened thereafter.  The dying priest "convinced Lyte that both had earlier been mistaken in not having taken the Epistles of St.Paul "in their plain and literal sense."" (source wiki)

Mr. Lyte also wrote Abide with Me, and wrote a few other pieces of literature, such as "his Talks on the Lord's Prayer in verse" .  (source StemPublishing)

I just thought this rendition below was interesting: Chinese I think.... singing this old hymn.   The organist played well too.. see how focused he was?

Choralized Version which I just thought was different.  :)  

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  1. Good words this one has. Another new to me. I did enjoy listening to the other versions of it. - Lori

    1. One of the things I find interesting is the different songs that are favourites within traditions. :)


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