J starts with Jump Canada and carries on..

Welcome to week J of Blogging through the Alphabet.  I am so pleased you have joined Amanda and I in this venture.  :)

I wasn't sure what to do with the Letter J.  

I thought about Jump Canada which has to do with equestrian jumping.  I LOVE watching horses jump.   In fact it is one of my yearly joys to go the Royal Winter Fair and take in one of their horse shows.    Of course when I go looking for a website to show you ... all I get is the Jump Canada hall of fame nominees or references to their jumping program for young riders, but no actual website.   Suffice it to say I have see a lot of horse jumping and the term "Jump Canada" used in relation to them.   My older sister was (and still is) horse crazy and showed her 3/4 Arab mare and trained her a bit to jump.

Then I thought about the JumpStart program run by Canadian Tire to encourage children to get more physically active.   You know cause horses jump and so do children right?  :) They do skip rope competitions/days in schools, help families put their children into sport activities, and more.  Their vision is this: Canada, where all kids have a chance to fulfill their dreams.

And since my son and I love to watch our bird feeders out back, thinking about active children made me think about birds so...

I thought about the Blue Jay that frequents our bird feeder out back, how he's a big, slightly bossy fellow but gets pushed out by grackles frequently (one bird against a mob tends not to work).  He's a handsome fellow but we rarely see his mate though we know he has one (at least last summer he did). We'll see young blue jays briefly before they are gone.   They are a lovely looking bird. 

Talking about the Blue Jay of course will lead me to talking about the Toronto Blue Jays our local baseball team.  :)  I used to love watching the Blue Jays on TV until I was hounded (quite literally) out of watching them.  People mocked me once too often for watching them so I stopped.  It simply wasn't worth it to me.  I can't even remember why it was such a big deal to other folks at the time.   (maybe the Jays were in a slump or something).   I got my baseball fix by sitting and watching the small teams play when I went out walking the dog I had at the time.   That was fun. And oddly enough wasn't frowned upon. :)

I have a desire to go to a Jays game at the SkyDome sometime .. it's now called the Rogers Centre or something along that line.   It would be fun if we could get reasonable tickets...be good to show the lad a major league baseball team.   I also think it would be neat to be sitting in the stadium when they open the roof.  :)

 So there you have my letter J of the week for blogging through Canada.  :)  
Join us won't you?   For one week or more it's good to have you eh?

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  1. A fun list of Js. I love to watch horse jumping, but I think I'd be too scared to do it.

    1. I love the horse jumping...I love watching it, but I won't do it either. :)

  2. I love watching horse jumping.

  3. I like the variety you provide. My daughter loves horses, and jumping seems like such a fun and scary thing to do!

  4. As much as I loved horses growing up, I have to say, I have never watched the jumping. I look forward to sitting down and watching some of this. Blue Jays! Oh how I love our blue jays at the feeder! They are truly a unique and gorgeous bird!


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