Parenting: Calling

Every three weeks or so I will be working through Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles. I hope you will join me. You can find the rest of the series here

This second chapter is entitled Calling. 

This chapter starts with this statement "Nothing is more important in your life than being one of God's tools to form a human soul."

I had to think about that a spell.  

That's what Christian parenting is all about.  Being used of God in the formation of a new human soul that follows after him.

In this chapter he spoke to the issues of parents not actually doing the job of parenting because their work gets in the way.   They sent their young off to school or to day care or to whatever because they are unwilling or perhaps not aware of the need to be around for their children.  This work can be a paying job or a ministry focus.

Gods' call to leaders is this "lead your family well". 

We are asked to look to our lives and see what calls us away from this duty to parent our children well. 

Our primary purpose is to instill God-consciousness and God-submission in our children.   To make them aware of who God is, and he has a calling for each of us.    Rules for us to live by.

I found this statement interesting 
"Children who don't acknowledge God will act as if they are God and will resist the help and rescue that God has provide for them through their parents."  (p 31)

I have seen this with my lad.  The more aware he becomes of God and who he is, the more he is willing to accede that maybe we, his parents, have something of value to add to the discussion.  Things to make him think and ponder upon.   It's part of our job you know?   To say "child of mine...this is God.   This God of ours is a God filled with grace and wonder and might".   To show him/her where you catch glimpses of God.

Most recently for us this has taken place with our study on Otters.   God gave them a little flap that goes over their nose, and another in their inner ear that automatically work when they go diving.  Not only that, he's given sea otters a patch of loose skin under their armpit so they can carry a useful rock when they going hunting.   Isn't that simply amazing how God did this for a critter?



  1. Lots to consider - I will go back and start at the beginning of this series. I really like the concept of the change in how a child behaves when he recognizes God. It makes a lot of sense! Also, I love the bit about otters. I often feel the same way about God's creations - so marvellous how everything is wonderfully made!

    1. I've been enjoying this book. A good read with much to ponder.

  2. This chapter definitely creates pause when you think carefully about what God calls parents who love Him to do. And giving that up to God is so hard to do sometimes but what a difference it makes in my ability to be a parent to these precious gifts.


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