Review: Really Woolly Easter Blessings

Really Woolly Easter Blessings is a sweet board book to introduce your littlest ones to the joys of Easter. and the truth of the resurrection.

Bonnie Rickner Jensen has written a cute little devotional to use with your littlest children, it is a sturdy board book, just a lovely size to stick into an oversized pocket or your purse. 

20 pages of lovely illustrations, carefully filled in with bright colours, each page containing an image of a woolly lamb doing different things with his friends. 

Each two page spread has a simple bible verse (including the reference), rhyming verse (generally two verses) an a simple prayer to say with your children.

It is easy enough for an older child to read with a younger sibling, with much one the page to draw the eye of a child.

 As you can see.... beautiful illustrations carefully added by Donna Chapman, that fit well with the verse and poem.

Simple prayers that you can easily teach your children, starting them along the way to a great relationship with God.

 A sample two page spread.   See how the colour covers the whole page, giving you loads of things you can point out to your children.   Cute figures that should appeal to most children.

Really Woolly Easter Blessings.
Author: Bonnie Rickner Jensen
Illustrator: Donna Chapman
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
Pages: 20
Age Range: 2-5

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  1. What a fun, cheerful book to give to a child. - Lori

    1. I am going to give it to my nieces daughter


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