Spring Break - Cooking Fun!

This week my son has been in cooking class all week. He's been bringing home cookies and pie and just having a good deal of fun.

He's made cookies with brown beans in it (what a delight surprising mom and dad with the knowledge).

Chicken dinner with potatoes and veggies.
A variety of dips and learning to spiralize veggies.
Maple bacon and pancakes.

He's been simple delighted with everything that they have made and was so pleased they sent him home with a cookbook.

Now he has more ideas of things to cook!

Friday we started our six week co-op session for HOPE. Hubby is teaching a gym class.   We had the children play Hotdog, Around the World, and Everybody's It.  Hard to get pics of fast moving children.

 I am teaching a "Making Zentangles class".   I will be using this book as a base of reference.  You can find my review of it here.

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