The Highlights of This Week

This week has gone by much too fast so this week I'm only going to talk about my highlights of the week .

1. My son cooking another meal.. a good one.    Then Hubby made Spaghetti and meatballs last night.   It's so nice not having to think of what to make a couple of nights a week.
     Poutine and ribs.

2. Learning that I and the lad may be accompanying hubby to the states in May. We do some sightseeing, he does some pastoral learning.   So plans are in the works.  Biggest thing will be to find affordable place to stay (most likely Pinchot State Park) and then affordable things to do driving around the area.    Will be looking at the Hershey Chocolate factory and apparently there's a driving tour of Gettysburg and such like.

3. Building Lego together because the Lego Fair is coming up (tonight in fact!)  and I can't show you pictures until AFTER the fact... oh and making cookies!   Always good to make cookies you know?  :)

4. Two litters of bunnies born.  Not as big of litters as I hoped, but alive so all is good.  One litter had two broken orange (though one might be a really like tort.   And the other had two torts.   Both were litters of holland lops.
I have a litter old enough to go to new homes, spunky kits these three.   The broken chestnut already has someone interested in her.
 Let's see.. other highlights of the week... My sweetheart brought home a few more things from the church this week.  Slowly he's getting his stuff out of the church.  It's a hard process so this is a step forward.. 18 years of his life was invested in this church.

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  1. Your son really likes making poutine, apparently. ;-) So nice that you're getting a regular break from making dinner. Looking forward to meeting you in person when you visit our area in May!

    1. It's lovely Kym. It's fun to see his interest coming alive in cooking too. He's going to be exact with his measurements like his dad...but that's okay. Yes, meeting will be good.

  2. What a wonderful update of great things this week!

    I love poutine!

    A trip to the USA - awesome! I would like to go on a learning road trip this summer. I just need to figure out where....

    We're crazy about Lego over here. Can't get enough of the stuff!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. Come eat poutine with my lad Jennifer. :) do you ever do lego fairs?

  3. Aw, those baby bunnies are just so tiny! We went on a trip to Hershey with our boys when they were quite young and keep talking about going back one day. We enjoyed touring the chocolate factory.

  4. Yes they are. I think the chocolate factory is a must see.

  5. I am so happy you all might get to go on the trip. Sure do wish it were close to my neck of the woods, though! I still plan to try poutine, though I haven't yet. And boy, I forgot how small baby bunnies can be. (we used to raise them when I was a child) - Lori

    1. Yes that would be nice wouldn't it be? :) yes, they are tiny, but boy do they grow! This week he used homemade's best I am told.


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