Using Books to See Canada

Just wanted to share with you some books we are using in our study on Canada.  We don't use them all the time, nor do we use the entire book.

Books that my son reads and then narrates.  The point of these books is to introduce the lad to some great Canadian people over the years, from scientists through to engineers or history makers.  Courage, conviction, patience, strength...many virtues to be seen.
Seeing Canada Overall, Catching glimpses of our great nation.   Sometimes walking through the provinces, other times just seeing specific moments or places.
Seeing Canada through the annuals of history.  Several of these books are quite good, others we need to pick through.   The Story of Canada is fascinating, and Canadian Exploration is an easy read.  Vimy Ridge we haven't gotten to yet because the World Wars haven't been reached yet.

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  1. Good collection of books. - Lori

    1. Thanks Lori. I figure when I return them, if I want to get them out again, I just have to find this post and I've got them all listed. :)


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