Art Book Series: Claude Monet:Sunshine and Waterlilies

The small book on Claude Monet is written as though a young person was writing a report for school, complete with what she likes and doesn't like about Monet's painting and some of the food he liked it eat.   It covers from his early years til the end of his life.

It's a rather neat little book just packed full of pictures and text about Monet.  Did you know that Monet had a temper and if he didn't like his work he'd rip it up or throw it into the river (if out in a boat mind you).

One of the nice touches I thought the comparison of Renoit and Monet doing the same scene.  Each artist had his own touch.    Both I think are great.  Two friends who often painted together. Neighbours, Friends, Rivals, both Impressionists.
I love the multitude of images and the easy read font.  I found it fascinating seeing Monet's early work and how much it changed the longer he was an artist.   

For instance this early one : La Pointe De La Heve at Low Tide
As Opposed this later one: San Giorgio Maggorie by Twilight.

Monet was well known for liking to paint the same scene at different times of the day. He loved to be outdoors painting rather than indoors doing portraits or still-life images.  It took a long time for his style of art work to be accepted, but when they did, it enabled him to build an awning to sit under when he painted, it meant he didn't need to live with friends or only eat beans for months on end.

This was a very interesting book that piqued my (and my son's) interest in Monet.

 Claude Monet: Sunshine and Waterlilies
Author: Steven Packard
Illustrator: True Kelley
Published by Grosset & Dunlop
Series: Smart about Art
32 pages

Where to find it: Claude Monet: Sunshine and Waterlilies Claude Monet: Sunshine and Waterlilies (Smart About Art)

Here's a neat series of videos about Monet:

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  1. I never realized Renoir and Monet painted that same scene. LOL I love work by both of them! Looks like a wonderful book.

  2. Monet has been one of my favorite artists for a while, but I've already learned more about him reading what you've shared. This book looks like one that would even engage a non artsy child.

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hope to find more in this series.

  3. We have an amazing museum near us that was founded by a woman whose family collected art when painters such as Monet were as of yet relatively unknowns. It's wonderful to see that caliber of art in a rural area :)

    1. That would be very neat.


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