Art Book Series: Discover Great Paintings - A Child's Book of Art

 Do you want your children to understand the great artists?  Or even just to know how to look at some of the great paintings done?   Discover Great Paintings will teach you how to unpack these great pieces of artwork so you can discuss them well.

The first chapter in this book teaches a person how to look at art work.
Questions to ask, details to look at and facts about the artist.
The next 13 chapters unpack 13 different pieces of art work, helping the reader to understand them and learn the questions to ask about any artwork you can find. 

Learn to understand the colours, textures, emotions, shapes presented.

As you can see different elements are pulled out of the painting and discussed.

The facts about each painting are drawn out .. such as the castle belongs to a king, skulls show the dragon has been a danger, the princess wants to be saved, and the dragon is a symbol for evil (whereas the cross on the shield is a symbol for good). 

Learn the facts behind the scenes
Remember details about the artist:

 Learn how to look at art work, see everything you can in the paintings you see.  Be aware of all the great questions you can ask of an artist of the work that they do.  Or that you can ask of yourself if the artist is no longer living.  There is more in a piece of art then you might think eh!  :)

Discover Great Paintings: A child's book of art
Author: Lucy Micklethwait
Publisher: Firefly Books
32 pages.
Type: Hardcover
Art Book

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  1. That looks like a great book! Pinned! We bought a Spot the Difference art book in which there are two depictions of each artists painting with minor changes in the fake on and then we had to find anywhere from 10 -20 things that had been changed. It really made us stop and look at all the paintings.

    1. It's a great book, hope you can find it. Would you be able to do a guest post for me on the spot the difference book?

  2. This looks wonderful! May see if the library has it to look through it a bit more in depth but it might be a good addition to the home library. - Lori

    1. Its been around a while.. Good book though.

  3. Looks like a great book! thanks for sharing it with us!


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