Cactus and A Play

 It's been a pretty good week with some up and downs.... but when I reflect back.. mostly up!   AND THAT is a very good thing.  :)

Started out like a typical day though everyone was act
ing tired and math was a frustration, and then English grammar was a frustration and... well let's just say that we tossed English out the window and planned things out a bit differently to make the rest of the day a success.    We ran out to Gramma's where the lad finished his schooling and then indulged his latest love.. CACTI!!!

Check out what he picked up with Gramma: 
If you see that little red nub on the side of the cactus...he's already trying to graft it on to another cactus.  He's been reading, researching and sussing out all the things he wants to try with his cacti and apparently next week we are going to go cacti hunting in Kitchener.  :)

I have to admit... I love hearing his enthusiasm for his cacti... it gives one a break from minecraft and pokemon talk I must say.  :)

A stay at home day... we had plans to go out Wednesday to a play so stayed home to get some work done at home.   One of the things we worked on was our Art Achieve Lesson.  We are working on making a totem pole.   You'll have to wait for the review though... coming up in a couple of weeks.
The lad also worked on his Digital Savvy course (also a review coming up).   

OH!!!   And we made a brain!  I know that sounds weird, but the lad and I have been learning about the central nervous system and I thought it would be good to make a plasticine model of the brain and then we'd label it another day.

I can't say today was the easiest day... I actually disappeared for a needed few hours in afternoon to take a break from the angst of the morning.  We did some good things together, but it took working through angst to get there.  :)   I managed to power through three reviews though, had a couple of conversations with friends, and got my mind back in order again.   Good to do that eh?

Wednesday we did minimal schooling.. writing a story, working on math, Canada history and Veritas Press lessons... then off to London.   We went to see the Musical "Little Women".  I enjoyed myself!

A good day today.   Working through schooling, having fun relaxing in the afternoon, and at night...the success of Bridge Busting night at Cadets!  The lad came in first for best looking bridge, and came in fourth of the boys for bridge weight holding.  His bridge held 150 lbs.

We had co-op in the morning with lots of YAY!!   The children like the class I am teaching, and woot woot.. they love how Hubby is teaching gym.   AND I brought a bunch of books down with me and ended up selling some of it.  Would have loved to have sold more but hey.. a wee bit here and there .. it all works eh?  I'll slowly winnow it down.  

I came home completely tired so I napped off and on in the afternoon sitting in my comfy chair.  So here it is 1030 and I'm feeling tiredly awake.  :)   

I'm supposed to go to a rabbit club meeting but currently am feeling like I don't wanna go.   We'll see what happens in the morning. 

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  1. I hear you on the Minecraft and Pokemon talk; that's my middle son... the talker. I know more about Pokemon than I have ever wanted to.

    1. it's good to have a talk-a-tive child.... without that talking you can't know what going on in their heads eh? :)

  2. I had to laugh about the Pokémon talk. I imagine you get tired of it in the same way I get tired of the types of play the girls do. I am thrilled that he has found such an interesting hobby. Good luck with the grafting.

    1. I told the lad you thought he had an interesting hobby and his response was "but I like my cactus, they are so interesting".

  3. Very ambitious to start grafting cacti - I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. And seeing the finished totem poles too. :-D

    1. I hope they both turn out well. :)


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