Do you think it could be a good weapon?

We'd had tentative plans to go to a home and garden show but life proved very busy this week so we stayed home.  I got some gardening done, the lad worked on some big minecraft project he has going, and hubby did something (honestly can't remember.. OH right.. he worked on a sermon).

Hubby preached at a wee tiny church, they fed us lunch, I looked around in their church and oh my goodness it was beautiful in the main sanctuary!!!

 I went for a walk in the afternoon with the lad from what I recall.   Oh I did!   I took some pictures of the flowers etc that I saw along the way. 

Kumon Math Pre-Algebra, The Typing Coach, Reading from Shepherd, Spy, Potter and the Star Namer, Smartick, Veritas Press History and Bible, and... something else that neither of us can remember. :)   He then went off to visit gramma while Dad and I kibitized about town .. We had lunch at 168 Sushi, went for a walk, and kept ourselves busy for a spell.  When we got home the lad wanted to go for a walk with me so out we headed, walking around the dam and it's lake.

Kumon Math Pre-Algebra, The Typing Coach, Reading from Shepherd, Spy, Potter and the Star Namer, Smartick, Veritas Press History and Bible, Art Achieve, and Digital Savvy

We watched this really interesting video while doing our Art Achieve.

The lad's turn to make supper so he learned to make hamburger buns from scratch as he wants to have hamburgers for supper, and we went for walk. The Lad had a hoot helping to make buns this afternoon, and I learned that girls and boys have a different perspective on kneading bread.  :)  The lad asked "Do you think it could be a good weapon?  Imagine it stuck to the visor of a knight's helmet!"

I spent the morning at the Foodbank and the lad stayed home to work on his Cacti Presentation for the Project Fair Friday night.   In the evening he has karate and I'll be going to the Hospital Rummage Sale.  Hubby had an appreciation luncheon to go to at one of the Nursing homes he helps preach at.   I found six books and 6 shirts at the sale.  I went looking for shirts that would work as scrum around the house and rabbitry as almost all my old shirts have holes that my lad is telling me I shouldn't have holes, so I'm thinking they aught to be dumped eh?   (turned into rabbitry or shop rags more likely)

After the luncheon hubby mowed the rather large church lawn... took forever it seemed.  The lad accompanied him so he could pick up all the big branches and get them out of dad's way.  I mowed the lawn at home... boy... it's always a slog doing the first few cuts of the year...the grass is so thick in the back.  But it's done and it looks SO much better.   I was able to enjoy the flowers in the front yard while I cut though.  :) 

Schooling and gardening.   It was a simple but focused day.   Oh, we started a new studying using as Veritas Press Bible course is done for the year.    The lad tightened up his Cacti presentation and I took some pictures of the rabbits.  We also went for a walk around town.  I was reminded WHY I like walking trails as my feet were sore by the time we got home walking around in town on the sidewalks.

The last day of HOPE day Co-op.. ever so depressing... I like having a co-op to teach and do things with and seeing the creativity in others just boggles my mind.  :)

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  1. Beautiful flowers! Co-op end sounds sad but it looks like there was a lot of good work shared! Sounds like another good week. - Lori

    1. thanks, I am loving all my flowers. :) it was a great week all told.

  2. That title struck me as something my son would ask so I had to take a peek! The wee church looks so inviting and happy! Looks like you had a fantastic week!

    1. I know! Wasn't it gorgeous? :)


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