Easter Week Brings Changes

 So we only did three actual days of schooling this week and only two of them were relatively normal.  :)

Normally we go to London on Mondays, but I still had a headache and the thought of moving didn't set well with me.   I did a few things in the morning while my head was sorta still in place, but then my head fell apart on me and I spent the rest of the day hiding from the light.

We needed some groceries so we headed out at noon to take care of that.  The lad had a lovely visit with gramma and they even went out for a treat at McD's.  The lad had pushed hard to get his homeschooling done and only needed to do his reading at gramma's to be finished. 

The lad stayed home to do some really focused schoolwork while I went to the foodbank.  It was a delivery day and we were short staffed so by the time I got home I was totally tired, and then sat in my chair doing some blog posts.   I had hoped to clean the bookroom and all that, but... you know when you gotta rest, you gotta rest.  I did manage to take some pictures and list bunnies for sale at Easter so it's not like I was a total slug.

Off to Kitchener.  The lad was SUPPOSED TO do some car-schooling but got distracted by playing tablet games.   He said "I'll do it later" but later turned into potting some of his new cactus plants.  So his schooling that day turned into doing math as he figured out what he wanted to buy, if he had enough money, wanted to spend the money required for his initial desires or put things back and then in doing some gardening.  Figuring out how to plant the biggest cactus with tons of spines was a bit of a challenge but between the two us, it got planted.  

The evening was filled with a soup and bun dinner at the church where my son does Cadets.   I made a rice/veggie/chicken soup that met my son's approval.

Good Friday.   This morning Gramma came up and went to church with us.  We had a lovely dinner with a roast beef made by hubby, taters, veggies, Easter bread made by yours truly, Chicken by gramma, along with dessert, Cut up tomatoes requested by a boy child as he set the table. 

These kiddos will be heading to London with me tomorrow and finding new homes.  Hubby has some stuff to pick up and ... that's about it for our week.  

Sunday ...
Potluck dinner at my mom's with as many of us as can make it. :)  We'll be making Shredded beef and I need to cut up some celery for a veggie tray.  :)  It'll be a happy Easter eh?

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  1. We only managed three very short days of school this week too! Luckily I can see the end of most of books in the near future so I didn't worry too much about it.

    1. I know...it's nice when you can see the end in sight eh? :)

  2. Oh look at the cute bunnies!! So sweet. Sounds like a good week, even with short days.


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