Excellent Wife Study: A Wife's Understanding of Marriage

I've been going through The Excellent Wife by Martha Pearce, you can find the rest of the series here.   This week we are on Chapter Five: A Wife's Understanding of Marriage.

In this chapter we learn how a husband and wife are to minister to each other as they pursue God's goal for marriage together.

Just what is God's goal for marriage?
Oneness and Spiritual Growth. 

This is not an instant event, it takes time and commitment to each other.

1. Prayer is key.  Talk with God about your concerns about your marriage.  

2. Make a point of being committed to making it work.  Seriously.. put your mind to it.  

3. If you mess up, fess up.  Repent of it, make a choice to change.

4. Know that you aren't doing this alone... you are in it with your spouse.  He lets you know when you mess up, you let him know when he messes up, you praise the good and work together on the rest.  

 My thoughts:
It's so true you know?   You need to be committed to making a marriage work and not just letting it all side into pieces.   It means talking with each other, struggling with each other, holding each other close and making choices to stick by each other.   It's not always easy.. trust me it ain't.. but it's important to do so. 

To let go of the anger and the hurt.  To see the good.  To see how God is changing you through your spouse.  It's part of his plan to make a couple one.  Just like the church is called to be one body.. a body that works together, struggles through the differences we all have.  Marriage is worth it, even in this day and age when it seems so disposable.  It really is not.  And too many people give up on it way too fast. 

I don't want to be one of those and REFUSE to be one of those.
I have a man who loves me and half the time I don't know why.. but he does.  He shows it all the time.  Why would I dis that?   Even if he annoys the heck out of me sometimes, why would I dis that love that he shows me ALL THE TIME?  HUH?  

And you shouldn't either.  You should see your spouse for who your spouse is and how you influence his behaviour.    It's what God calls you to do.  To edify and build one another up.  To strengthen and encourage.

Don't quit.  Make the choice to pray for your spouse, for your marriage, for yourself within that marriage, it's a good thing to do eh?  :)

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