Five Day Blog Hop - Things we Enjoy

Hey folks.... you know how we homeschool right?  Homeschooling presents us with all sorts of good things, and I know my thoughts on it, but the other day I asked my 11 year lad what he liked about homeschooling.

This is the list he came up with:

1. Natalie ... I're wondering about this but you'll have to wait. :)

2. Get to stay Home

3. Work at my own pace.

4. No one makes me get out of bed before I want to.

5. Get to study what I want mostly.

I am not going to tell you all about this today though, I am going to ask you to visit the blog next week and find out why these things are so important to him.  :)

The Homeschool Review Crew is doing a five day blog hop and I hope you will join in the fun.     Running April 17-21.   Come visit, won't you?

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