Five Things We Enjoy: No One Makes Me Get Out of Bed Before I Want To (respect)

 Welcome, welcome to day four of  things we enjoy.   The Homeschool Review Crew is having fun this week sharing knowledge, joys, sorrows and encouragement.

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Day Three: Studying what interests you

Today my boy wants me to tell you about how much he enjoys that NO ONE makes him get out of bed before he wants to.  :)

Mind you.... we normally don't have to as he's up and busy often before I'm even functional.  :)

Allow me to tell you where this stems from:  When I was young my parents would wake me up simply by staring at me.  I have a huge startle reflex and they used that to good advantage.  I would wake up startled and frightened...not that they were INTENDING to scare me...but shaking me awake would be a good way to get inadvertently whacked.  So staring from a distance worked really well.   I am unfortunately still like this...  really... don't wake me....just don't do it.

Anyways, since I have bad memories of being woken up, I don't wake people up unless I HAVE to.   When the lad was younger occasionally I'd need to get him up, but not often and never without having a good reason. Now that he's older I just say "I need you up at ____ time, and yes, if you aren't up, I'll give you a call or send the cat in to greet you." Admittedly...there is the odd time when the lad stays in bed late on purpose just so I will send the cat in to get him up.  :)  (You can always tell because you'll hear moans from his room, "Oh, I'm so tired, I wonder if mom will send Milo in".  :)

My son LOVES this.  He loves being able to have a lazy morning if he wants to (it rarely happens but...when it does...we are usually ALL being lazy).  If he's tired he's up around 830, but normally 730 and he's off schooling, doing chores, catching a quick game of Clash Royale or more likely watching science videos.

In fact, I am positive that my son learned this fact from some science video. For when the lad and I talked about why this was important enough to put into his five favourite things, he said:  "It is better for people to wake up on their own, to ease into wakefulness, than to be startled awake.  Some people have problems with their heart and breathing if they are woken upIt shortens your life to be woken up all the time."   
He then added "thanks for not shortening my life mom."
  Being the mom that I am, with a logical child, I use this respect of his need to rest as a training tool.  When he does get up early (and like me once he's up, he up chatting, I can say: "SHUSH be quiet.  When you talk first thing in the morning, you wake everyone up, so SHUSH, I don't wake you up, so you don't wake me up."  It makes sense to this logically minded lad.  It's a way to teach mutual respect.

Respect for each other.
I listen to you, you listen to me. 
You ask for help instead of getting angry, I ask for help instead of getting angry.
You tell me your goals for the day, I tell you my goals for the day and together we work to see those goals met.   
Respecting each others needs and wants, it's one of those important things in our home.   Mutual respect...It helps us to give way when it has to be done eh?

When we know that the mutual respect is there, the communication comes easier, you know?   What is one way you use to teach respect for each other?

It starts, in our house, with respecting a child's need to wake up when he wants to.  (and I end up not shortening his life). :)

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  1. Love this! Especially the "thanks for not shortening my life" comment. :) Really, though, we have also found that if we let the girls know what time we need them up and functional, they are able to do that without being nagged. And if, on some occasion, that time isn't met, well, they are woken up with a hymn coming from our morning devotional and they scurry in quickly to join. - Lori

    1. Aw... Thats a nice way to wake up

  2. When the kids were younger I would wake them up by 7:30 am so that we could get ready for school. Now, not so much. They are early risers and get up on their own. None of us even owns an alarm clock - except what comes on our phones. :) Gotta say I love that! Everyone is definitely much more awake when they wake up on their own instead of being forced to. Love your post!

    1. Definitely.. waking up on their own is the best. Thanks! :)


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