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In this day and age of technology at our fingertips, solid computer skills are an essential part of learning, and the new Digital Savvy course from CompuScholar, Inc. provides excellent instruction in fundamental computing topics.

My son has been using the computer for quite some time now, but there is so much that he doesn't understand about them, so when the chance came up for him to learn more about them, I totally jumped on it.  :)   Digital Savvy is teaching him so much about computers, it's neat to see his understanding deepen.

How does this online program work?
After you log into this online computer skills class you come to the main screen which outlines what the student will be learning.   The main title is clickable and will lead you to the lessons for the week.
 Twenty five lessons plus supplemental lessons.  Each lesson is clearly delineated with options for doing video and/or a written lesson, along with a quiz.  Five lesson in one week. Making it easy to complete one chapter per week, the lessons are short enough you can do two or more a day, along with the application part and the weekly test. 

Twenty three chapters of lessons, along with one mid-term project and one final project.
  • Fundamentals of Computer Hardware
  • Fundamentals of Computer Software
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Files
  • Computer Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Computer Networks
  • Search Engines
  • Computer Security
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheet programs
  • Presentation programs
  • Database technology
  • Project management and teamwork
  • Digital Images
  • Internet Communications
  • Social Media
  • More Social Media
  • Creating Web Pages
  • Web Links, Images and Animation
  • Programming Concepts
  • Digital Logic
  • Careers and Professional Skills

One of the things I like is that the lessons aren't all just learn this, learn that, here's a test.   At the end of the week that have a practical component to help bring all the parts of the lesson together.  It helps cement the weeks lessons.

The quiz and tests are handled the same way, with multiple choice questions.
They clear show if you have the answer correct or not.

Marking is a breeze, the program doing it all for you, with the exception of the practical component (which encourages parental involvement eh?)  :)   Checking them over means I can say to the lad... that lesson 3...I think redoing that one might be a good idea eh?   (and have a sheepish boy go ...I didn't like that one, but okay).

So far this computer science course is proving to be helpful to my lad, giving him a way to use computer language as he talks with his dad (who knows so much about computers it makes my head spin).  :)  It is so great to find a program that will continue the connection between a dad and his lad, and if my son has any questions he can turn to his dad for advice, I do have to admit though, he hasn't needed much help at this point (beyond how to do the practical application and the one lesson redo).

Marking projects is easy to do.  You simply go into your account as teacher, and mark the project using a rubric.
 You will find in the teachers area that there are all sorts of helps, professional development courses.   If you look under common administrative features it will bring up videos on  Grading students project, Using the Gradebook, Adding sibling accounts and more.

My Thoughts:
Other than when my lad complains about needing to read the student text (because he missed something in the test and needs to correct it) I don't hear a lot of "Do I have to do this?"   I have a lad eager to complete the material and who talks about what he is learning.  That to me is a sign of elective that is enjoyed.   It's been a great way for him to do some computer learning.   We'll be finishing this course.

He has commented that he would like the chapter lessons to note which lessons he has completed.  He wishes the check marks would change colour when that days lesson is completed.

My son's comments:
"I like that they have video lessons.  The lessons are interesting and relatively fast to do.  I try to not have to read the student text book though."

Product: Digital Savvy
Vendor: CompuScholar, Inc. (formerly Homeschool Programming)
Ages: Grades 6-12
Type: On-line Product

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