Review: God's Easter Miracles God's Easter Miracles: Adventures Of The Sea Kids is a cute picture book written by Lee Ann Mancini.   A school of sealife learn some important lessons about how we live our lives in the light of Jesus giving up his life for us.

About those who put the book together:
Author Lee Ann Mancini is an adjunct professor at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary,she's a mom of two, and has devoted her life as a servant for Christ Jesus.

Illustrator Dan Sharp has over 30 years of illustrating for children.  He attends church services in Michigan and works for a variety of companies in designing artwork.

Book Synopsis
We find the sea kids in Sunday School with Miss Linda their teacher, one of her students has autism.  Today Miss Linda has a surprise for them... and Easter Egg hunt with three special eggs to find.   Paul (the autistic child) was VERY eager to find one of the special eggs.  The children rushed around finding eggs, One boy found two special eggs, as well as another student, but Paul did not.   Young boy who found two was asked to give up one egg for Paul...We also learned of a child who was badly hurt in an accident.   Through these experiences the children learn the power of prayer and how to give of themselves.

My Thoughts:
There is much in this book that I had a thorough appreciation for:

The bright colourful pictures. 

The biblical base and the focus on prayer.

The easy to read font.

I have to admit, I struggled with the teacher asking Jimmy (who won the two special eggs) to give up one of them to a student having a temper tantrum over not getting his own way.  She claimed he should do it because "it wasn't fair for Jesus to die for us".  It didn't set right for me. It might be my own depravity showing through...Love helps us do things we don't want to do. Perhaps it was a way to show love...but I query if it is truly loving to reward temper tantrums.  I LOVED the answer his father gave to Jimmy.  He didn't HAVE to show his love..but he could CHOOSE to do so.  Jesus submitted his will to God the Father, Jimmy submitted his will to what was right to help his friend work through his disappointment. 

God's Easter Miracles
Author: Lee Ann Mancini
Illustrator: Dan Sharp
Publisher: GLM Publishing
Series: Adventures of the Sea Kids
Pages: 32
Type: Children's Picture book
Cover: Hardcover
Reviewed for: Bookcrash

Where can you find it? God's Easter Miracles: Adventures of the Sea Kids God's Easter Miracles: Adventures Of The Sea Kids

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