Review: One Upon A Time Storybook Bible

 This book is gorgeous, filled with lovely images and text that flows easily from the tongue.   Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible is a book filled with bible stories from the Old and New Testaments, biblical references, and points to take home.

Book Synopsis:
The Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible highlights powerful and inspiring stories from the Bible.   It is beautifully illustrated with wonderful artwork by Omar Aranda. Some of the stories include: Adam and Eve, Ruth and Naomi, The battle of Jericho, The Blind Man, Lazarus, Wake up and Jesus in Jerusalem. Each  story is told in a way to encourage children to get excited about reading the tales of real heroes of the Bible.   33 chapters, most from the Old Testament, a few from the New.  Each story is about 3 pages long.

My Thoughts: 
What I liked:
Once Upon A Time Storybook Bible is a GORGEOUS book, I kid you not.  The pictures are superb!  They have so much detail and colour in them. They don't look babyish, they look like something you'd see in a book of quality that you like to have around for a while.
Each story starts with a bible verse, and closes with the biblical reference.  Good things that eh?
The happily ever after section.  I liked this part.  Pulling out a moral for children to apply to their lives or to think about.  That's a good thing don't you think?

Frequently the bible verse at the start of each story had no connection to the story that I could readily discern. 
I dislike the "once upon a time" aspect of this book.   The stories, even though they aren't complete, (how many stories in bible story books are?) are still based on the bible. The bible is reality and not just about telling a story to teach a moral. Putting bible stories on the same level as fairytales is encouraging children to just see them as another story with a simple truth to take from it and not God in action. If using this book, I was suggest care in how you explain that God's word is reality, and perhaps even read the full story directly from the Bible to them to help them understand that bible story books only give a shortened version of the whole story.

Once Upon A Time Storybook Bible
Illustrator: Omar Aranda
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Age: 5 to 8
Style: Hardcover, storybook
Size: Oversized a bit bigger than 11 x 8
33 chapters.
Pages: 144 
Reviewed for: BookLookBloggers.

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  1. Oh - I agree with so much of your thoughts on this book. The pictures, though? They are quite beautiful.

    1. I know...the pictures just really draw you in. If I had littles, I'd spend my time talking through the pictures and pretty much ignore everything else.


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