Review: Planet 316

 Love the Lord?   Like to do puzzles?   Planet 316 has a Daily Bible Jigsaw puzzle that will challenge you and remind you of the truths of the Lord.   

I admittedly have tried out a few different puzzle apps on my tablet, and this one... what can I say, it's quick and fun.  There are many aspects to daily bible jigsaw that I like.

What do you get?
A free app for making jigsaw puzzles that when completed have a bible verse show up with an option to share it with your facebook feed.  11 bonus puzzles which are harder than most puzzles, all but one of these bonus puzzles is free. Each puzzle comes with options to make it easier to complete like rotate, edges, sweep, magnet and guide.  

You get one free jigsaw puzzle daily with options, if you have the puzzle coins, to do more.

There are a number of achievement levels which enable you to win more puzzle coins. Some of these achievements are: playing five Monday games, completing puzzles by a certain time, playing 100 games and so on. 

I played the game on my android tablet.

The helps
Rotate -turns all the pieces into the correct orientation.
Guide: for two coins it will give you a peek at the completed puzzle
Sweep - puts all the pieces in the margins leaving the playing field open
Magnet: automatically joins two pieces together.
Edges - removes all piece from the playing field until you put all the edge pieces together.

What I liked:
  • Having a daily puzzle to do.   Every day a new puzzle and a small YAY when you finish it.   It's enough to keep me coming back for more.
  • Scriptural encouragement.   Each picture, upon completion pops up with a bible verse to inspire for the day.
  • Options to share favourite puzzles easily to facebook.   I've had comments of "nice picture" given to me, sparking additional conversation.  Good that eh?
  • Challenges against friends.  Seriously... its fun to know that you can beat people that you know and shocking when occasionally they beat you!  :)
  • Options to make the puzzle making easier: rotate, sweep, edges etc.
  • Puzzles can be completed usually in less than five minutes making them ideal to hand to a boy child and say "think you can make the ______"?  He loves the "make it easier" options AND if he can beat my time all the better!  :)
  • The pictures are pretty, with excellent colour. Some I could guess what the image was almost right away and others I wasn't sure what they were until half way completed.    
  • Excellent customer service.  If you have any questions or issues, they answer immediately and work with you to resolve the problem. 

What I would love to see:
  • More of the harder puzzles. They do have 11 bonus puzzles which I think are awesome!   Trying to do the one that was mostly white was a joy to work on!  And the one with many colours...ah.. I LOVE IT!  It's good to have a challenge. Whilst the daily puzzles have a challenge of can you make a mystery puzzle and do it more quickly than friends.. I KNOW I can complete them generally under 2 1/2 minutes.  It's nice to have a puzzle that makes you think a bit harder, I want more of them. :)  
  • As fun as the challenges against friends are... it's hard to know if you are beating them OR if you are beating them using the helps.  I like beating the puzzle on my own, not using helps, and sometimes the allure of competition has me using the helps and... I rather not do that, I want to win on my own merits.  I wish the competition had some way to differentiate between those using helps and those not using helps.  ... increase the challenge level a bit eh?  :)
End result of my review:

I LIKE IT.  Seriously.  It's a fun free app that inspires me to think beyond the YAY I finished a puzzle, and turns my heart toward God.  A good thing that. So go on, get it.  Be inspired, be challenged and HAVE FUN!

Vendor: Planet 316
Product: Daily Bible Jigsaw
Received: Game plus 500 Puzzle Coins bundle so I could try out all the features. A $39.99 value.
Price: Free, with a price for additional puzzle coins.

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  1. I love your idea of seeing who got the best time and whether or not they used helps! I only had a few friends on FB playing this, but your screen full of competition looks exciting! I need to friend more Crew on FB, rather than just follow blog pages I think.

    1. It is exciting....which is why it's so tempting to use the helps :)

  2. These are fun. I enjoy it and the little spiritual boost it give.

    1. it's a nice little game, glad I have it on my tablet. :)


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