Review: Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer

It has been my delight over the past few weeks to read through  Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer by Peggy Consolver - Author.  It's a fascinating book where I got to see biblical history come to life in a creative format.  It was a great book that I would love to have more people read.  :)

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this book.  I'm sitting here thinking, how do I effectively tell people how good this book is?

Seeing history come to life.
Watching a boy growing up in a volatile time. 
Seeing the horror in the worship of Molech.
Understanding the amazement of the nations in the fall of Jericho.
In the learning how God fights on the side of his obedient people.

This is a book of growth and learning and many ways for a 13 year Gibeonite lad named Keshub.   A story of a lad and his family facing troubled times and how they handled it. 

This is historical fact told with creative license. 

Overarching Themes: 
Obedience, bullying, family, servitude, sibling rivalry, survival, and negotiation.

Here's a quick introduction to the book:

The great biblically based book is told from the point of view of the Gibeonites, with glimpses into life in the Israeli camp, and life under Zedek.   I found it a compelling story that drew me directly into the lives of the people involved.  I found myself so pleased with how Keshub took on his new responsibilities, rejoicing in his new skills, seeing his wonder that the Star Namer is the God of the Israelites.   Just an excellent book.
Peggy Consolver is the third of six children who grew up in Oklahoma.  She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University where she met her husband George.

She worked various jobs until she had their two children, then was a stay-at-home parent for them. Teaching Sunday school and women’s Bible studies, are some of her loves.  She encourages people to dig deeper into the story of God.

Due to the references to Molech, I would suggest that you gear the introduction of this book to the maturity of your student.  Seeing a young man step up to the plate, risking his life, doing a man's work when his help is needed, oh but THAT is worth any maturing young man reading about.    Young men, reading about other young men doing good things, stretching in a reaching for manhood THAT... is a good thing indeed.  Don't misunderstand me though, it's a good book for the ladies of the world too, it's just that I have a boy and I want him reading this book.  It's a good one.

Did you know this cool fact?  There's a study guide to go with it!  You can learn about braiding, wildlife, do some mapping and so much more. My lad is intrigued by the use of the sling, I wish I had a good place for him to practice it, kinda like with the archery he does already. :)   So many ways to broaden the learning to be found in this living history book.  There are also small group questions in the close of the book.

And for adults reading a book in advance of their children, or just enjoying the book for their own, just read it, learn your history, see God in action, see God preserve a people and call another to himself.   It's a good thing this.  It's bible history combined with creative story telling to create a cohesive whole.  Add in the study guide if you want to increase your awareness of the time and place, the memories, the land and the people in it.  It won't be a waste of your time.  :)

I read it before letting my lad get his hands on it (due to what I know of the time period), he is currently reading it and thus far says "I like it". 

Shepherd, Potter, Spy -- and the Star Namer
Written by: Peggy Consolver
Publisher: Carpenter's Son Publishing
Age: Middle School and Up
Study Guide
Currently on Sale for $3.44.
Available as a paperback for $15.99
A study guide is also available for $12.99 (paperback) or $2.99 on Kindle

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  1. Thanks for your review and kind words!

  2. I absolutely loved this book. It really brought out some aspects of Old Testament times and history that I had not thought much about. Very thought provoking and a fascinating read. It is a wonderful book!

    1. Thank you Lori I thought it was an excellent book are you going to have your girls read it?


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