The Week of the Easter Mouse

Sunday after a nice afternoon with the family I came home to this mound on my patio.  Needless to say, as much as I like ants and think they do much good in the world, I don't want them three feet from my back door building a mound.  So I medicated them and hopefully this bunch will fail to return and WILL NOT invade my house this summer.

After a busy weekend, staying at home seemed like the best thing to do today.  The lad and I did some gardening together.  My young digger had a huge amount of fun moving and then replanting my parsley and chervil patch.   Who woulda thought that it would be so much fun digging holes and plopping a plant in it.  The dirt was just a flying!!!

Off to London town!   The lad did a wee bit of schooling and then headed out with gramma in the afternoon.  He went with us first to fill out his application for a passport as we'll be heading to PA at the end of May.

 A day of schooling at home.  Thought admittedly we got to a really late start.   We were all total slugs, so much so the lad ran out of time to get all his schooling done, so he promised me he would do his math the next day. 

 Off to the Alymer Dairy Museum today.  The lad promised to do his math on the way there but ended up doing right before bed. The Museum was pretty good.   Filled with memorabilia but the staff also put on a good program for the children and youth that attended... making butter, ice cream, learning about cartooning and more.  See look... I made a sponge bob!

Today was co-op day so off we went for a morning of learning, me teaching Zentangles, Hubby teaching gym, and the lad learning about natural disasters and Biblical Feasts.
We learned the spider tag is not as fun as one might think.

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  1. The Easter Mouse is adorable. :-) I don't mind ants too much, so long as they stay outside where God intended. LOL Every spring I have to force them out of my house. *sigh*

    1. Moss is a good mouse. :) ants away from the house is my preference. There I can appreciate them

  2. That ant mound was just a bit much! We have been fighting ants something fierce lately due to all the rain. Just brings those fire ants alive! Now the mouse - he's a cutie!

    1. the ants haven't come back so .. hopefully they won't be back. Oh.. I've heard horror stories about fire ants...

      Moss is a great mouse for the lad. Not jumpy, almost a pocket mouse, just needs a touch more handling.


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