A Day in the Life - May 11

 Normally I do review of the entire week but today was such a good day I wanted to share that with you.    

It started with a shock!
I was having a marvellous dream after having a hard time getting to sleep the night before.   Snoozing and snoring away when suddenly "Good morning mom!"   I about jumped out of my skin!  OH MY.. not good.   This was followed by "sorry, sorry mom!  I thought you were awake!!"

Apparently the lad had been up since 730 had some of his schooling done and wanted to touch base with me before moving forward.   GACK!!   Never wake up the mom!!   :)

Anyways, I managed to drag myself out of bed, and down for breakfast of cereal and a muffin, the lad and I chatted about day plans and all was good.   I took care of the bunnies and noticed the lad had already cared for his mice.

I wanted to get working on the garden, but needed to make sure the lad was well situated with his schooling.  He needed some help getting going with Unlock Math, and mentioned how another math program we are using is WAY too easy for him... so could I contact them and tell them that?   So I have an email to write later tonight asking about course placement.

While he worked on his math, and later his typing, I got some seeds planted in the garden.  YEAH!!!   I got one garden done.   Then I pulled weeds out of another garden that already has peas in it (but needs something more).   OH!  And I hung out a load of laundry to dry.

I heard a "MOM!!!   I need you!" just as I finished so went in to find a lad wondering if we were doing ArtAchieve today or if it was going to wait til Friday.    Friday it was.   He grinned, so then the rest of the negotiating started.   Could writing his story wait, what about not doing science or apologia or .....   :)     We settled on videos for science and history, and apologia will wait til next week where if he reads two pages a day it will be completely finished.

Lunch (I had soup, the lad had a bagel with cheese) and freetime for 1/2 an hour and then "lad, can you give me a hand?"  He was happy to help.  We built a small herb garden out of some old lumber we had laying around.  

Unbeknownst to the lad I tossed in a wee bit of math... the lad thinks he's horrid at estimating so I asked him how much dirt he thought it would hold and he found out he's not so horrid at estimating!  WOOT WOOT!   But we had a seriously good time working together, the lad had fun holding wood, using a drill and saw and dumping in dirt.   Did you know that working out clumps with your bare feet is the fastest and bestest way to do it?   AND it feels really good on your feet apparently.  :)

While the lad and I were working hubby was busy fixing the riding lawn mower for the church.   It was a bit of a frustration BUT at the end... isn't it great to learn new skills and have success?  :)
After we got this done we did a touch of shopping, I was out of feed for the bunnies and Hubby needed to pick something up. 

Upon our return (having had a break from the heavy work) we set out to do some more.  We moved the snowblowers out of the garage into the back yard (to make room in the garage).   Not the best place to store them but hubby is looking at erecting a small shelter for them and the riding lawn mower to protect them in the summer.  
Anways, moving the snowblowers into the back yard had necessitated moving a few other things. All of which needed a good hose down me thinking "do I want to move this or do I want to sell it?"  I'm leaning toward selling it... but that might require some discussion with family.   The lad repotted his catnip plants (he sells it and makes crafts from it) and repotted a hosta for me.  So his garden bed this year holds amaryllis, a small flowering plant and all his catnip (he wants to move it with us).

We had an unpleasant surprise in a finding my rubbermaid tote (that I use to store supplies for the rabbitry)  full of water.  Everything was soaked and was quite the mess to clean up.  We even found a lightbulb full of water!!! (made us laugh and totally surprised dad)   But the pleasant result of it was my lad making his first terrarium.

Admittedly by end of day I was getting pretty tired... and then I needed to make supper. GACK!!!   It was the lads turn to cook but he was pretty wasted by then as well.

We ended up doing mac and cheese.. YES from a box as it was downright quick and easy!  I much prefer homemade.. but annie's does make a decent boxed mac and cheese.

We quickly got the laundry off the line, garbage out to the curb, read our bedtime books, played a round of Clash Royale together and then the lad was off to bed.

Hubby and I watched Star Trek and Crimes Beyond Borders together and then it was getting on time for bed.   I talked with a friend for a while and then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ  :)  I had tried hard to finish this post last night but at the end of it all.. I was just fried!   

Sharing this post over at Kym's (when she gets her highlights post done).

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  1. Wow! That is quite a productive day. We're starting our first ever "real" garden this year but so far all our plants are indoors. It's usually when I move them outdoors that I kill them...

    1. Wishing you success on your garden. Harden off your plants before putting them out.

  2. What a wonderful day you all had! That is the best kind of homeschool day. I love that your lad is a negotiator! Mine is too, so I know the routine. Thank you for sharing over on Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails! And I hope your garden flourishes!


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