Art Series: Stick It To 'Em

Do you like having fun with doodling?   Have you ever considered turning that art form into sticker art?   Bailey Fleming has put together a book to help you explore the sticker side of you!  :)   It's a bright, quirky, fun book that I think you will enjoy!

 Bailey Fleming is an Arkansas born lass whose sister introduced her to the world of stickers.  She claims not to be an artist, but rather a person who likes to show some sass  in her stickers and to encourage others to not let their awkwardness or cynicism from stopping their creative expression.

To wit, she created a book to encourage that exploration.

 I like how she started off her book.   Explaining her thinking.  Doodles .. into stickers... equals making others smile.   So have fun in your doodling.

The first 31 pages are dedicated to teaching and training.   From what type of materials to use, to how to draw some of the artwork seen throughout the book. I really appreciated this section.  To see the different steps you need to create the end product, and the full colour pictures in the tool section, just marvellous! 

The remainder of the book is divided into
Coloured stickers:

Black and white outline Stickers.  Wouldn't they be fun to fill in, stick on a card and send along to make someone's day?

Make your own stickers. Each box makes it own sticker for you to share with other and hopefully bring about smiles on your friends faces.   Discover your own sass and style.

You see...that's the point of the whole book.  Not just for an artist to show off her work, but seriously... to help people be inspired and create their own work.   

More than 275 stickers, divided by rough estimate into a third each.  Give them to your friends, your family and even your frenemies.  Share the joy and the sass with everyone.  :)

AND you get lots of stickers that are full colour so you can share them on cards or notes, others that you can fill in and start to discover your own style, and then spread your wings and fly, sharing your style with those around you and bringing smiles to their faces. 

 Title: Stick it to 'em - Playful stickers to color and create.
Author: Bailey Fleming
Publisher: Walter Foster 

Reviewed for The Quatro Group

Where can you find it? - Stick it to 'Em: Playful Stickers to Color & Create: 275+ stickers with sass for family, friends, and frenemies - Stick it to 'Em: Playful Stickers to Color & Create: 275+ stickers with sass for family, friends, and frenemies

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  1. Definitely looks like fun! I would enjoy this book.

    1. it is a rather neat book

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