Books read in April

This month has seemed very busy, so I'm trying to recall what all we read this month.   Not as much as some months.  :)

Oh.. before I begin I have to tell you this funny story.

I told my mom-in-law how much we enjoyed the book Irish Chain... and suggested she read it.  She's about 78 years old and she liked this book so much she stayed up all night.  Oh my...she looked so tired and frail but wow.. she was full of her enjoyment of it.  :)   Gave her and the lad much to talk about. 

It took her four days to recover from her reading adventure.  :)

So what else did we read this month?
We're continuing our natural world adventures with Natural world.   We're in the midst of learning about a variety of birds. It was rather interesting today, we had recently learned about swallows, and today we saw some swallows in real life.  My lad was fascinated!
The lad is continuing to read through Shepherd, Potter, Spy and Star-Namer.  Tells me he likes it.   His bed-time reading is all about the Warrior Cat series by Erin Hunter.

At breakfast we are reading the Golden Goblet.
So far this book has us very intrigued.  Has the lad asking lots of questions about why the boy's brother has to be so mean.  

I'm glad my lad doesn't really understand such cruelty.. he hasn't experienced it.  I'm also pleased that it bothers him as much as it does me.

We are also reading a book about animals in urban life (very interesting), a book about Canada (a bit young but the lad asks questions so good), and a book about muskoxen (more fascinating than you might think).  OH... And we are also reading a second book in the Rip and Red series (review coming soon).   I don't have pics as the books are upstairs in my sleeping sons room.

I have just started a new book: A Train in Winter. I picked it up at the hospital's rummage sale.  I was hoping it would be written as a novel, but it wasn't.   Still interesting, but won't be as fun a read.  Well..I phrased that poorly.. as reading about women in the French resistance who were shipped to a death camp from the Nazi's wouldn't ever be a "FUN" read, but more clinical I guess this will be.

So far it's been a good explanation as to why the French started to resist so much against German occupation.

Oh Remember Fledgling from last month?   I have the boys hooked, so we're listening to it on MP3's in the car!   They like it so much we're into book two!  AND they are mad that I want to listen ahead to book three so my listening fun has been curtailed a bit.  :(

Avian is not a book for young listeners though as there is a fairly NASTY fellow in the book who likes hurting people.   But Javed holds true to who he is learning he really is, even if others warn him not to be.   A compelling story that the lad says "NO drive around the block, drive longer!!  PLEASE!!!!"

I also read a Valdemar compendium.. thoroughly enjoyed it.  :)
Tempest.  It's fun to read fan fiction.. to see what people come up with that's in the light of the whole series.

Some of the stories are really well done, others just leave you wondering "what were they thinking!!!" cause it seems so off.

This one was quite well done.

And that's all I have in my brain for now.   NOTE!  A linky is up at the end of the post so... join in!
Books read for reviews:

Curious Constructions.  Engineering marvels from around the world.
Fish Girl.  A well done graphic novel.
Quick tips for busy families.  Parenting hacks
Your Next 24 Hours.   A book to teach us how to be kind.
John Deere, that's Who.   I liked this meaty picture book.
Once Upon a Time Storybook.   I had mixed feelings about this bible story book
God's Easter Miracles.  Picture book for Easter for children.

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  1. That's cute that your mother-in-law had to take several days to recover after reading all night. It's kind of fun when you discover a book THAT good, right?! My daughter and I both read fan fiction of different types (I read Jane Austen fan fiction) and sadly it seems that the really good ones are few and far between. I've found some excellent JAFF, and a lot more that were only tolerable at best.

    I linked up my monthly bookshelf review from my book blog, which is mostly my "enjoyment" reading. Maybe I'll add a section to that post in future that lists the books we are reading for school.

    1. Thanks for linking up Kym, it was fun seeing what books you are reading. :)

  2. Lots of good choices! Will try to get a post done to share. - Lori

    1. that would be great if you could .. looking forward to seeing it. :)


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