Canada Book: Irish Chain

 I almost didn't do this book in my books on Canada series... but then thought I HAVE TO.  SERIOUSLY have to.

A book that the lad excitedly tells gramma about so that she has to read it and then stays up all night so that she can finish it... that's a good book.  :)

But seriously... if you don't know about the explosion in the Halifax harbour you are missing a big part of Canadian history.   This story is about a family and how they lived before the explosion, and how they lived after the explosion.  It is fiction.

Tied throughout is the heartbreak of a girl dealing with dsylexia and being bullied.  That same girl who is loved fiercely by her large extended family.   

Woven throughout the story, is the Irish Chain,,, the stories woven in the pieces of a quilt made by their gramma who brought the family out of Ireland during the potato famine.

Their history is woven throughout the history of Halifax.

This is a poignant story, heart breaking in the truths it speaks.   The horror of the explosion and the confusion that followed.   The struggle of being thought of as stupid and having one's self-esteem totally eroded.   The joy of a strong memory, of conviction of spirit, the determination to hold to a truth you know to be real despite the discouragement of others, and finally the coming to terms of who God is and how he acts.    Ms. Haworth-Attard has carefully wrought a story of life in early 1900's in Canada.

The war in the background, hard working immigrants, prosperous landowners, women working, there is so much of Canada in this book that it is SO worth reading.

Mind might find yourself staying up all night.  :)

Where can you find it?   Now that's a great question, cause need to read this book, it was, at least in three members of the families opinion, a seriously good read.  :) - Irish Chain - Irish Chain

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  1. Wow, that one looks like a good read! We will check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. it's a really good book.

  2. Looks so good but our library doesn't have it. :(

    1. that's too bad. I know.. come visit and you can read it while visiting. :)


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