Canada Book: Our Canadian Flag

Do you want a neat little book to help you understand Canada's Flag better?   Well.. have I got the book for you!

Written by Maxine Trottier and Brian Deines, this picture book brings you the story of the Canadian Flag.  From how the maple tree drew in the hearts of the Canadian people (despite all the other trees around) through the making of the flag and it's approval by the queen. 

This symbol of Canada is flown at important functions, printed on our faces, and endeared to our hearts.   May the leaf fly above our homeland forever!  :)

You will find simple text along with boxes with further information on each two page spread.
The larger font text is simple enough for a child to read.

 Whereas the small text box is geared at adults for increased learning and talking points.
The full colour pictures that illuminate each two page spread will delight the eye of any child or adult viewing them.  It might even inspire some to display a maple leaf in their own way.  :)

But seriously, this is a great book to introduce children to the Flag of Canada.

Where can you get it?
Well you can buy my copy from me for a couple of bucks as we're done with it OR you can go to for it.  You'll find the link: Our Canadian Flag

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  1. This looks like a very good introduction to the Canadian flag. Neat!

  2. It was an excellent book for us.


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